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Amateur sketch of a visual approximation.

I am VladmirL. I also go by Vladmir_L or TheOnionKnight.

edit Autobiography

It all started when my friend and I started trolling WikiTravel. I made this silly step list on the Compton, California page, but was upset when those swift wizards at the wikiworld took it down instantly.

I ultimately achieved victory, as they immortalized my post by placing it on the "Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense" section, found here [1]. Just look for the step list on How to get out of Compton. It's also on some "jamtravel" wikisite, but who cares.

Then I found out about this place. The rest is history, or something similar.

edit Articles I Wrote

Upsidedown stopsign

I saw a stop sign once.

Les Paul

William McKinley

More Coming Soon!

edit Guilty Pleasure Article

I have no idea why I found this so funny when I first saw it.

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