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William Hung, the newest God. Stare into his small eyes and see your destiny...

American Idol was a highly controversial American television program. Infamous for trying to convert the nation to Paganism, it was owned by Cowel of Simon, the Great British Cow God.

American Idol was more famous for its contest portion; the Triumvirate Cowel, Jackson, and Abdul would accept a new God into their ranks each year. They would hold auditions in stadiums all around the Free World, visiting even the God-forsaken hellhole of Alabama once or twice. So recruited were wizards such as William, God of Hanging, Aiken, God of Clay, Ruben, God of Stuttering, Carrie, Goddess of the Underworld, Bo, God of Rice, and Taylor, God of Hicks.

edit History

American Idol is divided into seasons for each year, repeating every fifth year. Each year is represented by a season, reflecting how minimally successful it was in reaping a new deity from the ranks of the plebians.

edit Season I: Spring

American Idolatry first starts out. The title is soon shortened so that nobody in positions of power will care. Despite this change, it hypnotizes viewers and receives high ratings, due to Simon of Fuller, distributor of fuller popularity. Cowel of Simon was the most popular character, even though people booed at his constructive criticism. Oh yeah, Clarkson of Kellies won and made some crappy song about time travel called "A Moment Like This", describing the benefits of not waiting a lifetime for something and putting down people who do.

edit Season II: Summer

edit Season III: Fall

edit Season IV: Winter

edit Season V: Apocalypse

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