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photo taken by Maxim Starr for EVRO Couture

Article by: Melanie Lawrence

edit Early life

Viktoria Foxx was born on August 27, 1988[1] as Viktoria Nemcova in Kiev, Ukraine, of the former Soviet Union where her family lived until the age of two. She is a blend of Ukrainian(father) and Vietnamese(mother), making her Eurasian. Both her paternal and maternal grandparents were chair members from the communist regime. Her parents were brought up with all the privileges that belonged to their party elite, however, after the fall of communism in 1989 and end to the Cold War era, her parents escaped to Saigon, present day Ho Chi Minh City. Foxx and her parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1990. They resided in Los Angeles, California, where Foxx remains to date[2]. Foxx's parents divorced when she was ten years old. She has since been brought up by her mother and maternal grandparents. According to Foxx, her grandparents were very demanding of her. Foxx attributes much of her success to her strict upbringing.

Her father is a business consultant, and her mother worked as a pharmacist at a hospital in Kiev (she is retired.)

In high school, Foxx ceased her classical ballet training for tennis, where she won the league championship in the division tournament. At sixteen, Foxx graduated from high school in the Spring of 2005, where she attended the University of San Francisco to study law.

In her second semester of college, Foxx admittedly missed the southern California lifestyle and transferred to the University of Southern California to complete her studies.[3]

edit Stage Name

Amongst friends, Nemcova was nicknamed "fox" for her flirtatious and sensual personality. In 2005, Nemcova legally adopted her stage name Viktoria Foxx [4] [5].

This was her attempt to rid of her father's memory and become more mainstream.

edit Beauty Queen & Model

Foxx joined numerous beauty pageants in her childhood. She was named Miss Newport Beach Teen Pageant 1998[6], Miss Model 1999, Miss California Teen World 2005, and Miss Myspace USA 2007 [7]

Following her pageant success in 2005, Foxx signed an exclusive talent contract with the famous William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills, California[8]. Soon after, Foxx signed with IMG, one of the world's most reputable agencies as a cover model and singer[9]. Foxx has worked for leading international designers in both Asia and the U.S., including L'oreal, Farouk[10], Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci, Junko Koshino, Mark Powell and industry brands like: Bayer, Daewoo, Honda, Kodak, and Ponds Institute.[11]

In the summer of 2007, Foxx's agent was contacted by Playboy Enterprises, however Foxx declined due to her tender age and family's strong opposition[12]. Foxx stated "At this point in my career, I think I am too young, I don't want to be known or type casted as just a playmate. Playboy has changed the lives of many women like Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra etc...and I think its a great opportunity, just it is not the right time for me". [13]

Foxx has a strong Middle Eastern fanbase, specifically from Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates.[14]

edit Controversy

Foxx has not been able to avoid controversy from animal rights group PETA. Foxx and fellow models have received threats from members of the organization for wearing fur. Foxx and her attorney are still in litigation against the organization. [16]

Foxx states "I'm the biggest animal lover in the world,". "I was just doing my job as a model. They just want attention."

edit Personal life

Foxx especially likes cats and owns a Persian and Tuxedo.

She enjoys anything mixed with vodka.

Her favorite foods are lobster tails, Beluga caviar, sushi, and pizza.

She is Agnostic and remains open-minded to all religious views.

Her favorite colors are pink and white because according to her, they represent femininity and purity.

Her astrological sign is Virgo.

She has often told the media (Wired Magazine 2007) she would like to run for political office in the future. [17]


Foxx is one of the site’s most popular members out of the over 250 million users on the site. [18]

Foxx is the number 6th ranked female, preceding: 5. Bobbi Billard 4. Christine Dolce(Forbidden) 3. Kaila Yu 2. DJ Heavy Grinder and 1. Tila Nguyen [19] In addition to her MySpace profile, Foxx has also been focusing efforts on acting lessons and her popular false eyelash line.

Foxx shot a pictorial for WWS, a popular urban men's magazine. She will appear on the cover's January 2008 issue. [20]


Foxx is the most popular female member of the online social networking site, popular amongst college students. [21]

On October 2, 2007 Foxx was declared "Queen of Facebook", after topping Jenn Sterger, who previously held the title according to moderators. [22]

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