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"Wow, did I really put a pic of myself up here? This is back in 2007. Crazypants." -Videshi

edit Who Is Videshi?

Videshi loves you. That is all you ever need know... Plus all kinds of other stuff, like how to eat, walk, provide shelter and nourishment for yourself and loved ones... Well, ok, I guess you need to know more than the fact that Videshi loves you... and now that I think about it, he doesn't really love you, he just thinks of you as a friend... Try not to get bummed out about it, there are plenty of fish in the sea... I mean that figuratively of course, not literally... I mean that'd be pretty gross, and I'm sure would lead to all sorts of infections you'd have a hard time explaining to a doctor... What I'm trying to say is that there's someone else out there for you, even if you're into the aforementioned fish-thing... In fact, I bet there's a website out there that caters to your very specific fish-interest, maybe you could join their forums?... There are all kinds of sites out there for, let's say, more eccentric sexual interests... One time a friend of mine and I looked for some for fun and found an article about a guy who loved to get inside giant balloons while naked... The hose came out and he suffocated. His poor mother!... Well... Anyway... This has gotten a bit off-track... Try to have a nice day, I guess.

edit Some Articles By Videshi

Naturally all of them get either improved or destroyed, but here's a couple anyway.

edit Poems I've Written


The trees are quiet 
They pretend not to notice 
That I am pooping


The sign across the street says: 
"Live girls" 
Better than the alternative.

edit So you want to make love to Videshi?

We've only just met. At least buy me a drink.
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