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Member of the Order

My name is Vfdcommander and I have contributed nicely to uncyclopedia. Read my shit or die.

edit Contributions

  1. Stephen King (before I had a user name, my greatest article)
  2. Bomberman
  3. Peesa Cake
  4. Bette Davis
  5. Stephen Gammell
  6. Ratman
  7. White Rap
  8. White History Month
  9. Erectila
  10. Hario
  11. Hemoroides
  12. Jizzlers
  13. Hellen Keller (very different from the original)
  14. Lemony Snicket (has been greatly improved since i wrote the original)
  15. Mama Mia Jones
  16. Joe Shit the Rag Man
  17. Blue Submarine
  18. No-Shit Sherlock
  19. Auguste Rodin
  20. Popeye the Sailor Man
  21. Ted Bundy
  22. Shithead McFuck
  23. Zombie Lawyer
  24. The Big O

edit Images

I re-created these Stephen Gammell drawings. Ain't they kickass?

Gammell Gammell 2

edit Awards

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