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This is an Article about VeeBoi. If you haven't heard about him you aren't cool. And no-one cares about what your mum thinks.

New Zealand Army Soldier

VeeBoi's Sheep

edit The Beginning

VeeBoi was a man from the depths of Australia, he emerged as the victor in kindergarten and went on to complete primary school. He then proceeded to skip high-school and go straight to getting his PHd for Theoretical Physics. Though he was rejected by every university in Australia he continued his search on the islands where Australia sends it's reject babies, New Zealand. In this strange and foreign land he was taken to as a sort of pagan god and he earned not only his PHd but he also became Supreme-New-Zealand-Ruler of all that is Physic-y.

edit The Middle


VeeBoi intensely followed the Pastafarian Religion

After residing in the retard-baby state for many years and converting all of the New Zealanders to Pastafarianism, he believed it was time to move back to Australia.

The year was 4092 when VeeBoi arrived in his ship made out of lettuce. Over the years after VeeBoi's departure, the island continent had fallen into a state of decay and was now being ruled by Evil Power Rangers. With the help of his long term ally, Chuck Norris he defeated the Power Rangers and gave Chuck Norris Power over the island state of Tasmania. For many years after that day, the 32nd of February 4904, the Australian people have lived in harmony with the rangers and each other, the former who they keep locked in a cage.

edit The End

Angered by VeeBoi's treachery in giving him the incest-riddled former confederate state of Tasmania, Chuck Norris roundhoused kicked VeeBoi in the face. Veeboi, being Supreme-New-Zealand-Ruler of all that is Physic-y, survived this kick though he landed on the gas planet of Jupiter, suffocating to death. To this day many young Australian say it was the coolest thing they had ever seen.

To Chuck Norris' actions, however, the people of New Zealand were outraged and declared war on Australia. To this Chuck simply picked up New Zealand and through it at South Africa. That, my friends is the story of New Zealand.

edit Lifespan

edit Early Years

  • 1990-Born- Age 0
  • 1996- Finished Kindergarten- Age 5
  • 1998- Finished Primary School- Age 17
  • 1999- Rejected From All Australian College Simultaneously- Age 18

edit New Zealand

  • 2000- Left for New Zealand- Age 19
  • 2400- Arrived in New Zealand- Age 18
  • 2401- Became Supreme-New-Zealand-Ruler of all that is Physic-y- Age 26
  • 2657- Became God of New Zealand- Age 667
  • 2658- Converted All New Zealanders to Pastafarianism- Age 2
  • 3000- Saw a Sheep- Age 1010
  • 3001- Left New Zealand for Australia- Age 1011

edit VeeBoi vs Power Rangers

  • 4092- Arrived in Australia- Age 7000000000
  • 4093- Called on Chuck Norris' Help- Age 93
  • 4094- Defeated the Power Rangers and claimed Australia- Age 18

edit The Aftermath

  • 4111- Chuck Norris kills VeeBoi for Treachery- Age 3.14159
  • 4112- New Zealand Declare war on Norrisland (Formerly Australia)
  • 4112- New Zealand Destroyed
  • 4112- South Africa Destroyed
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