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Yep, I also am one of the 2.9 million people.

“Having a sexual relationship with a female celebrity is better than having a threesome with random 2 women. Hence creating a superior-finished article is much better than writing 10 mediocre articles that are not finished, therefore quality > quantity.”
~ V V I P, quoting himself.

Hello, I am a South Korean who uses the famous saying "quality over quantity" as my excuse of not writing and improving articles.

ko-N This user is a native speaker of Korean.
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fr-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Français.
NO This user doesn't care.

edit Credits

This part is for the people who helped/gave me ideas. Or just helped me, whatever.

  • Spike, an admin who is really serious, has helped/improved my article. He also gives advice for newbies like me. A very good&nice resourceful person.
  • Anton199, one of my peculiar Russian friend. Like all other Russians, he is very strange, in a good way.(You know that I am joking Anton, so don't storm my house with your AK47). Also he has given me plenty of ideas, including bombing United States which I have refused to write about. One that I have written is the Law of Averages.
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