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94a49aa0.jpg The Internet Meme Recognition and Approval Committee
has recognized and approved
Isshiki Kotonashi
to be the founder of IMRAC.
For whatever it's worth. Which is not much.

Oh hey. You have reached my userpage. I am world weary and unexciting and stuff.

I've forgotten a lot of my wiki code knowledge, so I'll be extra useless. Picked right back up, though currently I still need references.

Also,I'm less excitable because I hate everything that exists and stuff.

This page is angsty.

Click here to go to my old userpage which is a lot less depressing!

Q: Why the disappearance?

I just kinda left, I guess. Went out, did other things.

Q: Why have you come back now?

I am helping with a wiki which I will not disclose, and stuff I did back here makes good references.

Q: Will you be active here again?

I dunno, it depends. For now, it doesn't seem like I'll be operating at my previous frequency, if at all.

Q: Why are you so less cheerful and stuff?

Real world experiences knocked away some of my idealism. It doesn't mean I can't be the inane goofball that some of you know.

Q: Why the questionnaire thingy?

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