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 The Secret Of The Secret   Score: 0  Level: Death

> Take pill

You take the pill. You start to hear a buzzing noise, like your ears are ringing. Everything starts to get really, really bright. You feel a sort of release from your mortal coil. Then a trapdoor opens up underneath you and you fall into a pit filled with pudding. The Pudding Monster is not pleased by the contamination of its pudding, so it fills your lungs with taffy.

> Why taffy?

What? Don't look at me, I have no clue what's going on either. Also, I'm not finished. The taffy gets into your blood and you turn into cotton candy.

> Cotton candy? What the hell?

Shut up. The Pudding Monster then mixes you in with the pudding. You are now cotton candy flavored pudding.

> Tasty. So then what?

Will you let me finish?

> Sorry.

Whatever. The Pudding Monster then pours you on to chocolate ice cream. Then, he puts this cotton candy flavored pudding covered chocolate ice cream into red velvet cake.

> Argh! You're making me hungry!

And then you die of starvation.

> WTF? Can't I eat myself?

Cannibalism is a no-no. ;-)

:-(. Don't do drugs.

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