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 The Secret Of The Secret   Score: 100  Level: Unknown

> Enter "secret"

Bah, close enough.

Welcome to the Secret Room! All of a sudden the passageway closes behind you!

> Look

You appear to be in some sort of laboratory. All sorts of wacky science stuff in here. No telling what it does. There is a desk to your left, with a bunch of papers and stuff on it. To your right, there is a shelf with several rows of brains in jars, most of them hooked up to a computer on the desk. Which I forgot to mention. Oh, and there is a door in front of you. The room isn't that well lit, but I doubt there's anything living in here besides those brains. Although you can't tell whether they are alive or not. My bad. Also, the door is locked. Maybe. Everything else is nondescript.

> Inventory

You have: a black pill, and clothes. Hopefully.

... Oh, and I noticed that the glow-in-the-dark clock now says :59. I could have sworn it said 1:00 just a second ago.

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