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Q: How do I make my post block for use while posting?

A: Use User:VGDictator/forum/postblock, add your name as a link for the first option, a picture as a second option (Nothing big please), {{{1}}} as the third option, whatever text you want underneath your picture as the fourth option, nothing for the fifth option, and finally your siggy as the sixth option. If you know what you are doing, feel free to subst it instead and work on it there, so long as you don't change any of the attributes. VGD >=3

Q: I made my postblock template but it doesn't work when I post with it.

A: It's possible you added something it didn't like. For example, don't use "=". Unless of course you use nowiki tags. If you don't know what's wrong, you can talk to me on my userpage. VGD >=3

Q: This is stupid/a waste of time/I hate you/shut up, fag.

A: Ouch, man. I'm just trying to improve my grasp of wiki formatting. VGD >=3

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