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The original lineup of Some Lame Band. Left to right: Steve Lame, Vincent Vega, Son Goku

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A staple on MTV since the early 1990's, popular rap group Some Lame Band has been at or near the top of the charts for more than a decade.

Combining a strong back beat with an original mix of rap, rap, rap, rap, pop-rap, rap-pop, popping-rap, rapping-pop, and any other form of rap, Some Lame Band's catchy hooks and crisp vocals appealed to the jaded musical tastes of America's youth. Their bland yet compelling hit single "Some Lame Song" went to the top of the charts in 1993 and has remained a staple of mainstream radio ever since, as well as one of the most popular songs among music listeners who don't really like music.

To this day, "Some Lame Song" acts as an anthemic sing-along set closer when Some Lame Band go on tour to play for their devoted fanbase. Some lame song was revived a week after the original release (just as the hype was dying down) as some lame remix, which featured some lame rapper.

Some Lame Band have frequently been pigeonholed as a white-bread chickenshit MOR bullshit band, however they have frequently forayed into other genres. Their second album Uninteresting Sophomore Slump Record Featuring Radio-Friendly Single That Disappointingly Fails To Duplicate Enormous Success Of Single From Hit First Album included forays into jazz (they used a saxophone on one track), R&B (one track featured the bass playing more than just root notes of the chords), and Latin music (one track featured maracas). Some Lame Band are known for often playing benefit gigs, for such noble causes as lost hamsters, killin' babies, and the limited availability of guitar tuition in the former Yugoslavia.

Though Some Lame Band are frequently derided by critics, their fanbase remain devoted, citing their most recent album, 2003's Yes, We're Still Making Records For Some Reason as one of their best works to date.

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