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“Wait. I think there's a rule about this.”

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“This book is a great gift for any occasion.”
“I can't put this book down. The book is glued to my hands!”
Uncyclopedia's rules for daily life for everyone.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you just don't know? Have you ever been so bored that you decided to write a whole book? Well, this book is right for you. Many situations are covered and provide insightful decisions that are not obvious to the common person – right here, jam-packed to its full potential.

In this book, we'll detail every rule that every person should know and do. We made a promise that our collection includes rules that are purposeful and complete. Of course, not all scenarios are covered in this book. How about you add some?

You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it betetr.


Everything related about real people and yourself


Conversation, dinner

Did you know...
...that the peas you are currently eating has a genus name of Pisum?

If a family conversation does not initiate within 30 seconds of everybody sitting down, one must start the conversation by pointing out what someone is eating. So, if you notice that no one is talking, you point out to the person sitting directly across from you an interesting fact about the food they currently have on their utensil.



If a friend says “L.O.L.” or “lŭls”, reply with the phrase “Oh, I get it now. It's an onomatopoeia! A trampoline goes pwn when you jump on it!”


Establish a conversation about a non-existent situation involving your friends.

“Hey, remember the time I sneaked a floppy diskette into your binder and the teacher thought you were a hacker?”


I think we don't need to discuss this – do we?

Movie, home

Check the movie length of the DVD (it should say on the case label) and find the time in minutes. The addition of the digits divided by 2 is the required number of times that you are to watch the movie.

Movie, theatre

Silence, awkward

If there are three awkward silences in a row, step on someone's toe. If a conversation starts to be, everyone is filled with glee!


Be someone who you aren't and meet someone who isn't


“F1RST P0ST!!1”


Game, online multiplayer



Look out! There's a monster behind you! This section highlights the most important rules you should know about monsters. If you don't follow them



Grues are capable of pwnage of a variety of types


Create a savestate before continuing.




Raptors know no fear.




When one encounters a raptor, run in a optimal direction that will allow for a maximum amount of time for survival.

Never run around a corner; raptors are well educated and may be well hidden.


Protect your homes from raptors. Ensure doors and windows are reinforced agianst clawing. Chart out a floor-plan of your home or apartment, marking routes which you can easily follow to your high-security, raptor-free control room.



Weapons, destroy with


This page does not exist? Is there like some sort of force field involved?

Uncyclopedia Senate Seat Chart

Uncyclopedia is highly unorganized.


Romartus is out to get you because you wrote a poor article

Article, huffed your

Destroy, how to

  1. Create a distraction in the Village Dump by posting a highly volatile discussion
    • “Uncyclopedia is NOT funny”
  2. Post the same thing in the admin's talk page
  3. Head to Wikia headquarters where the servers are located
  4. Take a picture of the server or if not possible, a picture of something that looks like a server
  5. Return back the admin's talk page and post that picture
    • Make sure that the picture is a free license or in public domain and an appropriate summary
  6. The admin will post about the picture in Village Dump
  7. Fame and popularity!

Oh, you wanted to destroy the admin... I thought you wanted to be popular?




Hate, hate, hate!



Hey, that includes your imaginary friends and your pets


Get the companion books, Rules Volume II: Second Life and 'Rules Volume 0.5: Half Life for only $15!

“ ”
~ Oscar Wilde

“This book is a must carry with you until you get perma-ban'd.”
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