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ooh projects! happenings!.. get your hammer and nails out!, then put them back down and type/draw/blah for Sophia!one

Here is stuff working on and stuff, erm, the coffee machine is there, that's all you need to know really, well wooterbutter

edit The Uncyclopedia mascot "Kihu-tan"

This is an idea from good old Dizwad, basically like wikpedia, which has some anime mascot,

There is a rather chaotic discussion happening here: Forum:Uncyclopedi-tan? I would prefer the things be done here, since then I can keep the thing progress well, there it's convoluted and stuff (I say stuff a lot eh?)

edit Some ideas to help you along:

  • Bansticks are preferable
  • Try and make the Uncyc stuff clear (logos e.t.c)
  • Incorporate inside-jokes
  • Errr.. go nuts
  • IMPORTANTTry and be as opposite as possible to the wikipe-tan, like since we are the opposite of Wikipedia in every way

Feel free to place your own mascots here, just put a caption sayiing who the hell you are. So... galapagos!

Also appreciate we actually are making nicer ones than the Japanese somehow, so don;t drop to their demented level. Spare us the cheese, and endure our burning desire to smite microsoft. Nihon still rules though greath

edit Prototypemania (Prototypeage)

Oodles! Noodles! Oodles of Noodles! I just barfted!

edit Also I present Uncyclopedian's front for the destruction of Sanyo


The great banner of THE CAUSE, add it to YOUR userpage today!!


The conspiracy is right under your big snotty nose!!

edit Declaration

It began, with Tayor and TheoB declaring war while having a game of Checkers, after having far too many beers. They decided that the evil conspiracy to make everyone in the world speak txt language through putting numberpads on every mobile must be thwarted. The claims of conspiracy are against the evil corporation Sanyo. The movement has already gained many uncyclopedians as they battle the Sanyans until there is no-one/one side left standing. There is also a side conflict against Sanyo's lawyers, which manages to hold the despise for Sanyo AND lawyers, ouuch.


edit Motto

~ user:Theo on What he wants to do

The motto has been printed on millions of shirts, badges and mugs that are used by Uncyclopedians who fight on the battle field. The motto is thought to have been inspired by a postman walking home one day, he has nachos

edit Battles

edit Battle of the Water Cooler

"DEATH TO SANYO'S LAWYERS!" - This battle cry was used by Brigadier General shRkb8 to rally his forces to victory at the Battle of the Water Cooler. shRkb8's forces, specially trained for combat in the legal department, had taken many casualties in the Third Battle of the Elevator, but he regathered his elites and organized an ambush at the Sanyo water cooler. The ambush was sprang with shRkb8's immortal cry "DEATH TO SANYO'S LAWYERS!" All of the forces of Sanyo's legal department were either captured or killed in combat. Up on victory, his soldiers rang cheers for their general: "SHARKBAIT OO HAHA, SHARKBAIT OO HAHA". This chant now stikes fear in the hearts of Sanyo employess whenever it is cried out by the Uncyclopedian forces.

edit Members of the Uncyclopedian's front of Sanyo's destruction

~ Tayor on What you should do

edit Moles


edit Trivia

  • DEATH TO SANYO is also the motto of Burnslydale Church of England School for girls
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