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less contributions than a... erm anti-contributionist beaver??? *leaves confused*

The once derelict contribution page grew for a while, then it stopped, then it started again, then it stopped, ad infinitum, hopefully not so in the future.

edit UnAudioage

NeoZidane has a funnery gland located in his <insert where you think here> please take five and listen to my utter nonsense:

  • A Tour of Baghdad I claim this to be the first UnAudio for an article ever, unless I'm proven wrong... ALLAH AKBAR

edit Constructionage

edit Articlage

Ununbilium is the one who writes stuff, Ununbilium has done a few articles, well quite a lot for a n00b anyway:

In order of creation

  • Marco Materazzi Realised that my number one enemy didn't have a page, so I created it!
  • Reftithh (co produced with Theo) At the end of a long bout of liguistic modification, we created a new form of Engrish, very amusing to try and speak </article view whore>
  • Lost in Translation (created by other sworn enemy kakun) I added an engrish 'extract' from the film script, used babelfish for authenticity.

edit Reskinnage

Sometimes I might feel like reskinning or improving my userpage, (if such changes can be called improvements) here are the archived ones:

edit Image..age (not much is there?)

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