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edit To enter the hippest thing at IRC since... err ,insert hip thing that preceded #uncyclopedia2...

Zere are trois wayz to eenteur, choose un, or daaaie! Mwahahahaha. (ocugh)

edit 1. Direct IRC link

If your browser supports IRC (like Opera), or if you have an irc plugin installed for your browser you can click on irc:// to go directly to the channel. This also works for some stand-alone IRC clients that are associated with irc:// urls in your browser.

(If you are using Firefox or any other Mozilla based browser, you can get the ChatZilla IRC plugin to use this method.)

edit 2. Manual

To do it rough and rumble just slap these motherf***ing letters and numbers into the client, you know you want to:

port: 6667
channel: #uncyclopedia2

edit 3. Mindpower

Is the room quiet? Good, now just sit there and try and use your pure will to enter, if that doesn't work try smashing your computer repeatedly with a banstick/female german swimmer.
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