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Userboxes and Such

Member of the Order
Protein This user joined the Folding@home Team, because he/she has nothing better to do with his/her computer.

Mario-lo-res This user is a Gamer and therefore creepy.
So much so that I created that userbox

Note: I am working on userboxes for each gamer type listed on the Gamers page. As I make them, they'll appear here. This is the one that fits me:

Mario-lo-res This user is a Covert Gamer and knows too much about Mario to be as normal as he seems.

My Contributions

My first ever contribution was the creation of the Ti-83 page, inspired by my wanting to write an article and looking around my computer/videogame/tv/guest room for something to write about. I found my calculator and wrote about it as a game device. Well, actually, the FIRST thing I contributed was a picture for that page, but that doesn't count. I'm proud of it; I consider a page successful if it's targeted by an "on wheels" vandal (yes, I know their actions are random - don't ruin my fun!), and that page was. Here's an actual (partial) list:

  • Ti-83 - Created the page, which you'd know if you read the last part
  • Arrogance - Created page because I wanted to make a self-referencing page
  • Template:User_Gamer - I can't believe we didn't have this before!
  • Linkin Park - Added a lot to the page, including many of the song titles (my edit includes additions by both me and my friend Josh)
  • Gorillaz - Added a bunch of stuff there too, before it was huffed; recently talked with a sysop about the possibility of bringing it back.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City Stories - Created that one too
  • Grinnell College - created an actually worthwhile version of the page (January 2009)

I also wrote 4 Unnews articles on May 30th, 2007.

Contents of my Grinnell College article

I am putting this here in case it gets huff'd, as previous articles of this title have been

For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Un-Unknownwarrior33.

Grinnell College is a small liberal arts college in Iowa about which absolutely nobody cares. It has a lot more money than your college will ever have. It's also got corn. And protests. And...more corn. It is well known for supposedly being founded by the man given the famous advice "Go west, young man," even though that is a complete lie. It was actually founded by some old rich guy who named a town after himself and decided it should have a rich college.

Academic Programs


Oh yeah, this guy knows about Grinnell's endowment.

In addition to the standard college majors (e.g. Business, Computer Science, Kitten Huffing, Rick Rolling, and Gerbil Tossing), Grinnell has some unique academic programs based on the school's unique aspects and history. Some include:

  • Endowment Management

In this program, students are reminded many, many times about the size of Grinnell's endowment. It is well-known that the college is very well-endowed. Few know this better than Warren Buffet, who has what you might call an "inside story" about Grinnell's large, large endowment.

Few realize that Intel co-founder Robert Noyce graduated from Grinnell, then went on to do great things and completely forgot about the school. Still, the college is so proud of him that its students often find themselves volunteering to perform tech support for the company.

  • Critical Problem-Finding

Grinnell students spit on the status quo. Thus, they are skilled at finding issues with nearly everything around them. At 100-level classes this simply involves research on the works of Michael Moore and standard punditry. However, later courses involve attempting to disprove religion and and even entire classes devoted to the students arguing with each other. The latter are so popular that students quite literally fight each other for a spot in them.

  • Bush-Bashing

Like many in the United States, Grinnell Students despise George W. Bush. Many have, in fact, claimed personal grievances with the man. Seeing an opportunity, the school created the Bush-Bashing subject in 2001. The goal of this program is to teach students new insults to throw at the man and methods to overcome points put out by the campus Republicans. One class in the latter group is the ever-popular course on flyer vandalism.

  • State-Smashing 101 (this topic has not been researched enough to have more than one level)

Not part of any larger program, the State-Smashing 101 class was created by an unnamed Grinnell professor who agreed with the view held by many students that nation states should not exist. The goal of the class is to research ways to destroy nation states and replace them with something better, but so far nobody has completed the course.

Famous Alumni

Grinnell College has not produced anyone you have ever heard of. Ever. Even if you know what they did, their names are as lost to you as the plot of Lost. But they were these people:

  • Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel
  • That dude who won that super hero reality show. What, you don't remember? It had Stan Lee and everything!
  • The man who orchestrated the New Deal, and was then murdered by well-known credit hog Franklin Roosevelt
  • Robert Noyce
  • Did we mention Robert Noyce?

Campus Life

Corn fields

Grinnell's dining hall, out of season.

Grinnell College does not have a traditional dining hall. While the Joe Rosenfield center was built to accommodate a rather large dining facility, the administration decided to save its money. Instead, it designated a square mile of corn fields outside of campus as the dining hall. When the corn is not in season, students are encouraged to eat at one of the 5 pizza places in the town. The town also includes a Chinese restaurant, and some places nobody has heard of.

Many students of Grinnell College are massive nerds. At any given point on the weekend, there are at least 12 games of Dungeons and Dragons going on, many of which involve the same people. When not playing Dungeons and Dragons, these students can be found in the corn field talking about it, or in their dorms playing PC games based on it. Students who are not gaming are usually found watching the Lord of the Rings movies while discussing all the problems with them (this is, in fact, the content of one of the classes in the Critical Problem-Finding field, and one of the most popular classes in the school).

Contrary to popular belief, Grinnell does have athletics. Tickets are free for college students (not just Grinnell students, but any college students). Local legends suggest that Grinnell's football team might have actually come up in con

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