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One of the most popular games available for the PC/Mac platform, Uncyclopedia: The Game is a revolutionary cross between a text based adventure, a real time strategy (RTS), and a MMORPG, blended perfectly and with its equally revolutionary "Wiki" user interface.

edit History

Developed in 2005 as a parody on Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia: The Game has become one of the most popular text based adventure games. Starting out as a small project, this open sourced gaming platform has blossomed into a game popular with not only geeky teens, but with creepy old men as well.

edit Gameplay

Uncyclopedia: The Game is a mix of game genres, with influences from popular online games such as Runescape, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars. Although completely lacking any advanced graphical user interface, it is considered to be the most realistic text based mmorpg available for free.

Unlike other games, Uncyclopedia: The Game has no set start nor set end. Progress is recorded by other players, not by any set scoring system, who may or may not decide to give you credit. For that reason, most, if not all users create "userpages" in which they display their wide assortment of "awards" given to them by other players and their own player characteristics in the form of "userboxes", an item one of intrinsic value but of no actual monetary value users just can't seem to stop cramming their userpages with.

The main goal of the game is to create the most high quality "articles", which become useful tools in the battle for VFH and WotM. Users that have the most of these awards are equivalent to players who are members on runescape, in the way that they have all that shiny armor, but at least don't have to shell out 5.00 a month (Until Uncyclopedia: The Game 2 comes out). Users can also participate in "guilds" such as the "Grue Army" or "UNSOC" in which they group together to fight off the evil Vandal armies and vile beasts from The Land of Goatse. Eventually, when a user reaches a high enough level, and offers enough money, he or she (or it) will be granted the fabled "Ban Stick" and will be adorned with the "Admin Robe" and granted "Admin" power; such as the ability to "permaban" Vandals and Goatseers, cast high level "protect" spells, and the awesome power of the "huff" spell that can kill anything in its range.

Gameplay is startlingly similar to the gameplay on Wikipedia: The Game, with two important interfaces: The edit interface and the article interface. On the "edit" screen, or "article building mode" the player types a parody of whatever topic he wants. The player must be wary, since other players may want to go after his quarry. Sometimes it is good for the player to let other players work on his quarry, other times it is bad, as it is when they are trying to steal his article name and ideas.

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