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This is UnholySauce, or the UnholySauce to you. He will dominate the world with unholy animated undead tomato-based products. He is also on a quest to include as many articles on his watchlist as possible, rendering it largely useless.

edit My contributions

Throwing together a list of pages one has created is all the rage these days. You want mine? Huh? Well, if you're really too much of a lazy bum to just look for yourself then I guess I'll tell you.

edit My favorites

It's also popular to list what pages you like, so I'm gonna totally jump on the proverbial bandwagon and do that too.

  • This one is probably the coolest thing ever. Seriously. Hold on to your chair before you click the link to make sure you don't fall over from laughing and hit your head.
  • Here's another good one. It's so... worthwhile.
  • Man, if it weren't for this page, I probably wouldn't be posting this today. It's that cool.
  • Don't forget here.

edit Also known as

unholysauce on Yahoo IM on MSN IM
unheiligesosse on AIM
UhS, UhSauce, or UnholySau on #uncyclopedia

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