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If you're one of those nosy types poking in where you don't belong, and you want to pick up and run with one of these ideas, be my guest, but tell me so I can chip in with stuff. I'm really good at collabs, just ask Mordillo, Syc or Mhaille.

edit Fixes I want to make

edit Collabs I should get off my lazy arse and do something about

edit Original (hah!) ideas

  • Start something in User:Under user/Thing I'm Working On, such as any of the following:
  • UnBooks:St Paul's letter to his relatives after his birthday - just as tedious as any of his "real" letters, but hopefully in a mildly amusing way. Should include a bit about his change of career and how he's doing so well they're pontificating about creating a new position for him, or something like that.
  • Drizzle - the default British weather. As a country, we make talking about the weather a national sport, so getting an article out of this should be a breeze...
  • A glowing Hollywood celebrity-style obituary for a plumber or similar. Overstating their importance to the human race by a factor of several million and making them seem like the greatest genius who ever walked the earth when all they did was unclog a few pipes.
  • Jocular - Scots vampire. Rope in Syc for some gratuitous Scottish stereotyping and the like?
  • Why?Is Watching Kids TV With Your Kids So Awesome?

edit Things To Watch

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