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An unrelated line.

“I just love the death”

This is NOT the same as the Mason Dixon Line, it has a hyphen and thus cannot be related at all. The Mason-Dixon like is a continuous and unbroken line of dead priests, brothers, and Jews traditionally held to be the traditional separation of yanks and the KKK. On this line stands Mount Confederate, home to racist Jesus and Westboro Baptist Church. Traditionally every young Reb must murder 49 blacks and skin them to death on top of the pile. The damn good old boys done know that if they take as much as one step over the line the Hood, Muslims, Communists, and your Mom will kill them. Yup, thats the line.

edit History

In 1984 two well known Southern gentlemen had the sudden urge to lynch a nigger. The shot him, skinned him, and got carried away. Butchering 48 more, they left the bodies just north of thier house in a line/dog pile/tree/street/cofee shop. Then Mason and Dixon met the most reknown holy Grand Wizard Man, Ronald Reagan. He told them that if they kept the south free he would keep them commie free. So they did. And they elected him. After that all of the South liked the idea of the line to separate the god-fearing from the monstrosities. So they made part of a hazing ritual. They would all murder then eat [insert animal here] and pecan (PEE-CAN) pie. And so we have the great southern tradition today. Some time along the line there was a mud puddle. In this mud puddle Thomas Edison invented mud bogging. Then mud bog they did. In 2001 a huge change in the culture of the Mason-Dixon was wrought. Incest on top of dead bodies was no longer required. As of April, 2011 though, 99.999999% still have sex with one or more family members on top of the line.

edit Famous Moments

June 1, 1984: Mason and Dixon line first formed by prominent KKK members Lee Burt Mason and Billybobjoe Dixon.

June 2, 1984: First Catholic group added to the pile.

June 11, 1984: First communist killed by Reagan supporters. When tossed on pile, racist Jesus comes to that spot calling for Mount Confederate.

June 11, 1985: Something about Westboro Baptist Church being made.

June 13, 1985: The line complete separates all of the yanks and confederates.

August 12, 1990?: Possible date for invention of mud bogging.

October 1, 1996: Dixon is buried under bodies and suffocates, poor sod.

February 14th, 2001: Incest becomes optional.

edit Stats

1. 20% of the Hick attendees are Nazis.

2. Drunks make 50% of the contributors.

3. 49,000,000,000,049 dead and growing make up the line.

4. 80% of the incest involves a younger sister.

5. 100% of hot Lesbians are not killed.

6. 100% of the murders are backed by Westboro Baptist Church.

7. 100% of Gay Rights Activists are burned at the stake, not put on pile.

edit Hunting South of the line

Truck hunting is the most popular sport after deer hunting. We won't talk about that though. It is boring. The steps of hunting a truck are as follows: 1.Grab a gun, preferable a shotgun, an assault rifle, or a RPG.

2. Grab a friend (not named Dick Cheny) and bring beer.

3. Beer!!!

4. Fire a gun at the first Confederate, I mean, American truck you see.

5. Beer!!!

6. Find an oven big enough to shove a Jew, I mean, truck inside.

7. Cook whatever you shot in the oven until tender.

8. Beer!!!

This is basically all life below the line.

edit Above the Line

Above the line is the communist state ruled by the Obama Bin Laden. Muslims are everywhere! The also have gays. Terrorists all of them. And also I think America Junior is up there. Alaska too is up there. Those guys up there are good ole boys too though. Alaska is not U.S.! Them are C.S.A.! Come on Billy Bobjoe, Bob Billyjoe, and Bobby Su! Sarah Palin will be here soon! Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, those damn Yankees aren't Amurican. They ain't never gone truck hunting, fucked their little sister, or ridden in the back of a god damn 4-wheeler. They also write articles. They can read for crying out loud! They've also done outlawed slavery. No, they are monstrosities not good ole boys.

edit Mount Confederate

"And God created Mount Confederate and He sayeth, pile the dead niggers here and I will give you salvation. And so He sent (racist) Jesus on top to watch us. And so He made Westboro. And so He made us fuck our little sister, gave us beer, and made us SO VERY HAPPY. Y'haw!!! He then gaveth us guns and deer and hatred and trucks. In His name we kill, rape, and lynch. Amen."

edit Want to contribute?

Criteria: - You must be white, inbred, and Baptist.

- You must have killed at lease ten trucks dead.

- You must be prepared to offer your little sister. Meet all the criteria?


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