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Édouard-Henri Avril (28)

The fabled F(NG) scenario.

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The Emoe-Göatian Example, devised in 1903 by Prof Kärl "Kýrl" Schýmýnbýrgthý-Schymyngbyrthy IV (pronounced Shoe-mean-birth-ee), is a mathematical and physical equational formulatic theory which describes the sexual interaction between two normal human beings, two goats and two emos.

The Example proved to be a major breakthrough in understanding the material value of "emoes", a rare sub-species of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, often referred taxonomically as Homo Emonii Shitsii due to their inability to reason properly like a normal human, and a legendary taxonomical paradox for the scientific world.

The Example uses the following abbreviations:

  • N = Normal or Homo Sapiens Sapiens
  • E = Emos or Homo Emonii Shitsii
  • G = Goat or Capra aegagrus hircus
  • F = Fuck or Sexual Congress (Anal, Vaginal and Oral are equally treated in the Example)

edit Exposition

The Example consisted of two basic rules which concisely described its working:

  1. The order of preferable interactions between two bodies is F(NE) < F(E^2) < F(NG) < F(G^2) = F(H^2) This meaning that a normal fucking an emo is worse than two emos fucking. This in turn is worse than a normal fucking a goat, which itself is worse than either two goats fucking or two normals fucking. However, modern evidence proves that the interaction of two goats is very slightly preferable to the interaction of two normals, making it F(G^2) \approx F(H^2).
  2. The interaction between a goat and an emo is impossible. This is proven with the formula F(EG) = FE + FG = X/\infty, as FE and FG are mathematically opposite and will result in an infinite series if applied together.

edit Proof

The easiest way to prove the experiment is by getting people to mate and observe their reactions. Although this might be considered either stalking or being a pervert, remember, you're doing it in the name on science, so you can't possibly be judged.

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