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Exploding Stop Signs
Explosive sign
An Explosive Stop Sign, identified
Assault Method: Large explosion
Danger: Very High
Nation of origin: America

An Explosive Stop Sign is a highly dangerous trap on the road. It seems like a normal stop sign, until KABOOM, it explodes.

edit Origins

Exploding Stop Sign

Exploding Stop Sign, tampered with

The first Exploding Stop Sign was created by a group of serial killers in 1948, so they could kill more people. After it succeeded in killing a few people, it got widespread use by killers and governments.

edit Development

The first Exploding Stop Sign was a stop sign with the pole filled with dynamite and a fuse attached. The fuse slowly burned until the sign exploded. However, this was very inaccurate, and also had some problems with rain, so the basic design was scrapped.

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