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Uncyclopedia bomb

An Uncyclo-Bomb. Unfortunately, the maker forgot to cap the potato, so this will go to waste.

An Uncyclo-Bomb is a bomb made by Uncyclopedia to destroy Wikipedia. When it explodes, it releases a powerful payload: The Truth. The Truth overwhelms the lies of Wikipedia, destroying them. While Wikipedians may tell you that, in fact, Uncyclopedia is the lying Online Encyclopedia, this is Wikipedian propaganda. Do not be fooled.

edit Directions

  1. Lay down near Wikipedians.
  2. Light the fuse.
  3. Wait for bomb to explode.
  4. Watch Wikipedians dissolve, and listen to them scream in pain.

edit How to make one

You make an Uncyclo-Bomb by following these steps:

  1. Unfill a potato.
  2. Fill potato with The Truth[1], and combustible of your choice.
  3. Cap[2] potato.
  4. Insert fuse into potato.
  5. Move yo' ass, bitch!

While Uncyclo-Bombs are now mass-produced by machines, making one yourself will ensure the bomb has soul, which Wikipedians particularly dread.

edit Terrorists

The Uncyclo-Bomb is used by terrorists attacking Wikipedia, not Uncyclopedia or Encyclopædia Dramatica. Terrorists have a low opinion of the weapon, but have created a prototype of a modified Uncyclo-Bomb that can kill anyone except terrorists.

edit Footnotes

^  To find the ingredients for truth, please read Page 31,337,999 of your Manual.

^  Must be capped. Without, it won't work.

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