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Episode 76:Nuclear warfare

(This episode begins in the ruins of the Baron's mansion. Han is rushing towards the town Grue Army base)

Han: I shall launch a salvo of nukes at every country that is communist!

Engelsfair: Oh no.

Han: And, before I forget...

(Han shoots Engelsfair, who drops down injured)

Engelsfair: Comrade Mother...Comrade

(Aquarii crushes Engelsfair's fingers)

L: Han, don't!

(Some guy shoots L)

L: You are under arrest!

(Shooter is arrested)

Priest: Oh God.

Ronalds: Now now...there's no need to do anything rash...

Han: (Mad laughing)

(Han launches a missile into Vietnam)

Supwealuhop: You are a genuine fool.

(Supwealuhop throws curry powder into Han's eyes, and that fails to work)

Supwealuhop: Oh no.


(Han shoots Ronalds)

Froggy: Ribbit?

(Froggy attempts to shoot Han, but Han jammed the dart shooter)

Han: Communism shall die today!

(Han launches a missile at Blaning, who is on an asteroid for some reason. Blaning dies, and comes back to life)

Emmzed: What happened to Han?

Dizberg: Engelsfair drove him insane.

Emmzed: Had to happen some day.

(Han launches a small non-nuclear missile at a scene where 24 is filmed)

Aquarii: Han, you have destroyed a 24 location! Prepare to...

(Han knocks Aquarii out)

(Onside) Froggy: Why hath the world constantly be a struggle between two unsolvable fallacies? The constant bickering between the ideals and supporters of capitalism, and its foil Communism, sicken me to no end. Why must we all act as avatars to a twisted bigger picture, in which the heads of each opposition puppet us to carry out their every delight in accordance to their own sick agenda? The social struggle of this group is not only idiotic, but also redundantly political to such an extent it would surely bring ruination to us. O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention! A missile for a stage! Communists to act, and poor near-mute Froggy to behold the swelling scene!

Froggy: *cough* Uh, Ribbit.

Engelsfair: I heard that.

(Engelsfair flings Froggy to Canada)

Dizberg: How are we going to stop him?

Supwealuhop: We could try the national guard, the ATF, or the FBI. Worst case scenario we can suck up to Murphy.

Han: You will never stop me!

(Han shoots Dizberg and Supwealuhop)

Zatoichi: We must pin him down now while we have a chance!

(Zatoichi runs in the other direction and pins down a rock)

(As everyone else gets in the way, Han shoots them.)

Blaning: Looks like I must avert a catastrophe.

{Blaning blanks out Han's gun, but Han shoots him with his other gun)

Blaning: Argh!

(Blaning punches Han out, but Han already launched a missile at China, a missile at Russia, and a missile at the White House!)

Blaning: Now I have to stop the missiles!

(Credits roll)

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