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Episode #69:Poison Rings and Discs

(This episode starts at the makeshift camp)

Rene: I have had an affair with Mrs. n00b.

(Nobody gasps, because nobody cares)

Ronalds: Engelsfair, lets talk about that mission behind that rock.


Zatoichi: Shut up.

(Engelsfair and Ronalds hide behind a rock)

Priest: It is God's will that...

(Nikita punches Priest, and the scene changes to behind the rock)

Ronalds: The mission is to...sabotage a mysterious Hell Outta Here factory.

Engelsfair: Now that is interestingly Communist.

Flandos: I will take care of Alka'anad. You take care of the rest.

(Camera moves to a scene inside the base. Alka'anad is sitting in a chair watching the group via a security camera.)

Alka'anad: (Evil Laughter) You're just playing into the trap, Mr. Ronalds!

Molly: Well, it is impossible to manufacture Hell Outta Heres. You just ask for one.

(Back to behind the rock)

Engelsfair: Get the Hell Outta Here.

Priest: Hey!

(Engelsfair gets a Hell Outta Here)

Han: No fair!

Adam: Hey, I see...

Dizberg: DONUTS!

(Adam and Dizberg go eat donuts at OuroborosDonuts)

Han: How can you think of donuts right now!

Froggy: Ribbit?

(Froggy goes and eats donuts)

(A BHOP is in the area)

Benson: A BHOP? HERE?

(Benson and Han eat donut-flavoured pancakes)

Ronalds: How strange to have a BHOP right next to some evil base...

Evil Guard #1: Hey, we may be evil, but we need a place to eat, too!

Dizberg: (Full mouth) I never knew evil people had to eat!

Evil Guard #2: Well, we do. How else do you think you can get inside these evil bases so easily? Because we're eating donuts!

(Back in the base)

Alka'anad: My plan is working. Benson, Han, Dizberg, and Adam will be knocked out by the poison in their food, and the rest will be knocked out by knockout gas. I will capture them all.

(Outside, Benson, Dizberg, Adam, and Han are knocked out. Ronalds and Engelsfair have been captured by the guards. There are a few dead guards.)

Froggy: Ribbit...

(Froggy, unaffected by the poison, piles in more and more donuts, until he passes out from a severe case of gluttony)

(Scene changes to a large holding cell. Everyone is tied up to a large bench.)

Emmzed: We have to find a way out of here!

Froggy: Ribbit.

Emmzed: No, we're not going back for more donuts, Froggy. First things first. Adam, do you have a QVFD gun?

Adam: Yes, but I can't pull it out of my undies right now.

Everyone else: EWWWWW!

Froggy: Ribbit.

Emmzed: Don't take that tone with me mister!

Han: Er, Get The Hell Outta Here.

(Han gets the Hell Outta Here)

Adam: No fair, you get a superweapon!

(Han shoots Hell Outta Here at a guard captain, killing him)

(Alka'anad comes to view on a screen.)

Alka'anad: So, I've finally caught you!

Flandos: You fiend!

Alka'anad: My powerful anti-Communism rays will destroy you.

Engelsfair: Hey!

Alka'anad: Also, I'll turn every one of you into a Scot.

(Ronalds grabs a pocket knife from a pocket of the dead guard, and chops the ropes)

Engelsfair: Communism Win...

(Han punches Engelsfair)

Han: Get The Hell Outta Here!

(Han gets another Hell Outta Here, and shoots Alka'anad, who is just knocked out)

Aquarii: And next on 24...

(Aquarii stabs Alka'anad, just barely injuring him)

Alka'anad: I...will...not just get out

(Alka'anad activates the self destruct sequence)

Flandos: Everyone get out of here! I'll keep Alka'anad and his guards at bay! Leave without me!

Han: Okay.

(Everyone escapes but Priest and Flandos. Priest went east, and bumped into the wall.)

Flandos: I was only being dramatic!

(Flandos runs. Cut to exterior view of the base, with everyone but Priest running out of it. Two seconds later, the base explodes. Credits roll)

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