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Episode 64

(This episode starts in the rubble of the Baron's mansion.)

Nikita: Dammit!

Engelsfair: Lets just get the ring!

(Engelsfair opens the safe, is empty)

Engelsfair: Dammit! It is empty!

(Flandos goes into the area)

Flandos: The foul Alka'anad did commit this atrocity, with help from a girl named Molly and a few thugs.

Thug: Die! You dare get in the way of Alka'anad!

Froggy: Ribbit.

(Froggy shoots poison dart at thug, killing him)

Sensai: You killed my ex-boyfriend, Froggy!

Zatoichi: Nobody cares.

Other thug: Die!

(Von Dizberg calls upon Ouroboros's power, killing the other thug)

Dizberg: I would like to see Benson try to do that!

Adam: Flandos, how do you know so much about Alka'anad?

Flandos: I...I did have an affair with him, when he was still a girl. He did became evil after some bad sex with me, and got a sex change operation.

(Everyone gasps)

Han: Wha...what!?!

Priest: Even God can't explain this!

Garm: Agagah!

Shandion: That can't be!

Ronalds: Communism rules!

(Han punches Ronalds)

Von Dizberg: I see something!

Adam: Donuts!!!

(Adam and Von Dizberg eat donuts)

Engelsfair: Communism!!!

Emmzed: Trees!!!

Dizberg: No, it''s...HOLY SHIT!

(Suddenly, a large van full of thugs pulls up. A large action sequence follows, which ends in everyone being beaten up and locked in a large warehouse filled with machine parts.)

Han: Don't worry, I know what to do. Everyone follow my instructions to the letter, and we can get out.

(Montage begins, showing everyone at various stages of building a contraption. When the montage is finished, all the characters look at what they have created: a flying potato with a large hole in it.)

Emmzed: Look at that hunk of junk, it'll never fly!

Han: Just trust me and we'll be fine.

(All go inside the potato. Engines start up, and the potato flies through the roof of the warehouse, and goes off into the distance, the thugs firing at it before it gets out of range.)

Dizberg: Let's plot a course for my mansion, and see if we can scrounge up some clues.

(Suddenly, a clipper flies into the potato and gets wedged in the hole. Corsaire emerges.)

Rene: This potato is annexed to the French Monarchy!

Adam: Oh, come on.

Engelsfair: Communism!

(Han punches Engelsfair and Rene)

Han: Much better.

Emmzed: Oh Canada! Our home and native land...

Grue: MMM!

Rene: Oh no.


(Rene is eaten and spat out by the communist grue)

Engelsfair: And once again, communism saves the day!

Everyone else but Ronalds: Shut up.

Han: Guys, we are about to crash.

(The potato crashes into a street near the hospital. The grue is badly injured.)

Han: Oh no, we must save the grue!!

Moonshine: Aaaaa! You crashed on a moose! <faints>

Shamus: You know, I could use some Irish scotch.

Han: Shut up.

Froggy: Ribbit ribbit.

(Thug jumps out of bush, and gets killed by a poison dart from Froggy.)



(Adam insult swordfights Indy)

(Engelsfair punches Indy and Adam)

Engelsfair: And once again, the day is saved, thanks to Communism!

(Han knocks out Engelsfair)

Ronalds: Again. You really like punching him, I see.

Engelsfair: Lets go get that ring!

Joe Shmoe: Hey, you guys, I am here to help you.

Han: Good.

(Three hours later)

Han: We have walked all the way to Dizber...

(Joe Shmoe stabs Han.)

Shandion: Traitor! Die!

(Shandion shoots Joe)

(The doors of Dizbergs mansion are opened, but suddenly, there is a crash at the top!)

Dizberg: My statues!

(Credits roll)

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