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Episode 175: The War Between Uncyclopedia and ED

Narrator: Hello there. I am your narrator for this important event in Uncyclopedian history.

It all started when the EDians mercilessly attacked the Uncyclopedians at Pearl Harbor.

(Scene switches to Pearl Harbor. EDian Fighters flood the skies, and drop goatse bombs everywhere. Most Uncyclopedian fighters are destroyed before they get off the ground. However, 2 Un-2 Banhammers, 5 Un-1 Nintendorulezs, and 1 P-250 Fjopingouin successfully get off the ground and attack the EDians. A massive dogfight ensues. Scene eventually ends.)

Now we will show you the war as of now.

(Intro Begins. The words "The Vandals and Wikipedians joined the EDians to annihilate Uncyclopedia once and for all. The Wikipedians overwhelmed Conservapedia, while the Vandals invaded several parts of Uncyclopedia. The EDians killed Absurdopedia and Wikifur." appear on the screen.)

(Scene switches to the airbase. Dozens of Hammer & Sickle Fighters, IF-1 Ifs, A-22 Uncyclopedias, Yak-500s, P-250 Fjopingouins, and F8F Bearcats are lined up on the runways, preparing to attack the EDian base.)

Muganez: So, what do we do now?

Han: Get in a fighter, take off, and attack the EDian base, of course.

Muganez: Shouldn't the users be doing something, since this is a real fight?

Han: Yeah...

(Suddenly, Yettie, Mordillo, Benson, Meganew, Adam, and Tom Mayfair appear)

Users: WTF just happened!?!?

Meganew: I know! We need to get in fighters and attack the EDians.

Tom Mayfair: Brilliant, comrade Meganew.

Meganew: I told you, I'm not a communist!!!

(Everyone, including the TYATU characters and users, get in fighters and get above the EDian base)


Yettie: Oh sh*t.

Adam: Dive down on the EDian Fighters. Some of us have to strafe their base.

(The Hammer & Sickle Fighters dive down and attack the EDian Fighters. Meanwhile, the A-22s and P-250s attack the base)

Adam: Wait a second...this is TYATU!!!

Pilots: Oh no...

Mordillo: Oh no you don't...

(The planes continue flying)

Uncyclopedian: But...but...TYATU injokes!!! Meganew, what are you doing!?!

Meganew: ...Do you really want to be a zombie again!?!? Besides, that's Mordillo doing it.

Uncyclopedian: You wrote that! Mordillo, get out of here!!!

Mordillo: Banned!!!

Mordillo blocked Uncyclopedian with an expiration time of when I feel like it. (Don't you dare try your sass with me. B*tch.)

Uncyclopedian: LALALA. You banned the wrong guy.

Mordillo: Oh right, that forgotten password.

Mordillo blocked Uncyclopedian Again with an expiration time of when bicycles fly. (DAMMIT.)

Meganew: Thank you, Mordillo.

Mordillo: Okay.

Edian Pilot: Lulz. I show you goatse pr0n if you follow me.

Engelsfair: GOATSE!!! (Flies his Hammer & Sickle Fighter up to the EDian's plane)

(EDian Pilot shows Engelsfair goatse pic)

Engelsfair: There's no communism in that goatse pic! (Throws Commuflare at goatse pic)

(Commuflare explodes. EDian Plane burns and crashes into the ground. A bicycle is seen flying in the background.)

Uncyclopedian: Hey, didn't the whole goatse thing end ages ago!?! And didn't the actor request the end of it!?!

Everyone else: Shut up, Uncyclopedian.

Meganew: Aren't you banned?

Uncyclopedian: Bicycle flew.

Mordillo: WHAT THE HELL!?!

Mordillo blocked Uncyclopedian Again with an expiration time of when Engelsfair stops being a communist. (You can't get out of this one.)

Engelsfair: Look! I'm buying and selling stuff! I'm CAPTIALIST ENGELSFAIR!


Uncyclopedian: Me.

(Uncyclopedian snaps his fingers)

Mordillo: Screw you.

Mordillo blocked Uncyclopedian Again with an expiration time of Judgement Day. (If you get out of this one, I'll make you an admin.)


Meganew: I say we vote on whether Uncyclopedian or I should write these scripts.

Mordillo: Okay.

Random guy: I hereby announce that today is Judgement Day!

Other random guy: That doesn't count.

(Be sure to check out the poll at Forum:Poll: Who Should Write TYATU?.)

(Credits Roll)

Watch the next mess/argument User:Uncyclopedian/Template:TYATU

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