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Episode 174: The UnIncredibles: Part II

(Scene switches to 20 years later)

(Adam gets home from work, and enters his house)

Adam: So, honey. What do we do now?

(The wife is revealed to be Annie Soson: Han's daughter)

Narrator: This is NOT canon.

Annie: I'm not sure. But I do know that it's almost time to pick Muganez and Cerid up from high school.

Adam: Great. I got out of the car for nothing...

(Scene switches to the principal's office, where Teacher Billy Tundra is furious)


Adam: What is Muganez doing?

Billy: Well, last week, he destroyed the 3rd grade's playground.

Adam: Mmm hmm...

Billy: And today, he placed 50 tacks on my stool!!!

(Adam starts laughing)

Billy: What's so funny!?

Adam: I'm sorry. It's just the though of any generic teacher with fifty tacks stuck to their butt is hilarious.


Muganez: Actually, it kind of is. I mean, you seriously missed 50 freaking tacks!

Billy: Shut up.

Adam: Hey! You can't talk to my son that way!

Billy: Sure I can. Now back on topic, what are you going to do about this, Mr. Uncyclop?

Adam: Nothing. Except pull him out of this school and homeschool him.

Billy: WHAT!?!?

Adam: That's right...

(Adam and Muganez walk out the door, with Billy Tundra screaming death threats at them)

Meganew: Oh, screw this. (Skips ahead to the end of the movie)

The Unincredibles: Part III

Adam: You'll, never get away, Gounsyndrome!!!

Gounsyndrome: lol. i will pwn you n00b!!!

(Gounsyndrome escapes through the roof)

(Adam throws Annie, Muganez, Cerid, his expensive Lotus Europa Special, Annie's Mercury Cougar, and himself at Gounsyndrome. Gounsyndrome escapes into his jet, but acts stupid and presses the self-destruct button. He and his jet explode)

Gounsyndrome's Ghost: I WILL PWNZ0R YOU S00N, N00BS!!!

(The movie ends. Scene switches back to Zombie Uncyclopedian and Meganew)

Meganew: FINALLY!!!

Uncyclopedian: BRAINS!!!

Han: (Comes in) Hey guys! You're missing "Pearl Harbor" on TV!!!

Meganew: So?

Han: Uncyclopedia just declared war upon Encyclopedia Dramatica!!!

Uncyclopedian: WHAT!?!?

Meganew: Hey! You aren't a zombie anymore!!!

Uncyclopedian: So? There's a war! Let's go!!!

(Credits roll, while the faces of Han, Meganew, and Uncyclopedian are shown. Scene switches to EDians marching into the battlefield. "The Imperial March" plays in the background)

Watch the Battle!!! User:Uncyclopedian/Template:TYATU

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