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Episode 173: The UnIncredibles: Part I

(This episode starts in Uncyclopedian's house. Zombie Uncyclopedian is looking around for something)

Narrator: Uncyclopedian seems to be having a bit of trouble finding his DVD of The Incredibles.

Zombie Uncyclopedian: Brains...

(Zombie Uncyclopedian scratches his head)

Meganew: ...Hey, Big U, your DVD is over THERE.

(Uncyclopedian grabs the DVD)

Uncyclopedian: Brains?

(Meganew facepalms)

Meganew: No, that is a DVD. Stupid Alka'anad.

Narrator: Uncyclopedian, hurry up!!!

Uncyclopedian: I FOUND IT!!! I mean, BRAINS!!!

Meganew: PUT IT IN!!!

Uncyclopedian: ...Later...brainer...

Meganew: (Sighs) Let's start this!!! (Kicks the camera)

(Scene fades to the beginning of the movie...skip the bit about secret identities...ah...Adam Uncyclop is driving a car. He is wearing a suit.)

Car Radio: We interrupt this program with important news: there is a police chase going on on Uncyclopedia Avenue!

(Adam suddenly makes his car change into the Uncyclo-Car while he changes into a spandex Uncyclo-Man uniform. He then drives down a road, stopping for a little old lady.)

Little Old Lady: cat is stuck in a tree.

Adam: I guess I'll help.

(Adam madly shakes the tree. Meanwhile, a car full of VANDALS comes careening down the road. The cat falls out of the tree and Adam smashes the car with the tree. The police arrive.)

Officer L: Thank you for the help!

Adam: Helping the city is my job. You don't need to thank me.

(Adam gets back in his car...and spots a kid wearing a uniform similar to his own.)

Adam: What are you doing here and who the heck are you?

Kid: I'm Uncyclo-Boy!

Adam: ...Aren't you that Derek Scott kid from the fan club?


(Adam sighs)


(Adam kicks Derek out of the car and drives away.)

Adam: Crazy kids, thinking I need help...

Radio: Attention!! Molly Tov Nye has been spotted robbing a bank!!!

Adam: Oh no, not Molly!!!

(Scene switches to bank, Molly is stealing a bunch of money from the safe he blew open)

(Uncyclo-Man bursts through the window)

Adam: Drop the cash, Molly.

Molly: I think not...

(Suddenly, Derek enters the scene)

Derek: Greetings villain!!! I'm Uncyclo-Boy, here to take you to...

Adam: (Interrupts) Derek, get outta here...

(Molly places an active bomb on Derek's cape)

Betterness (Benson): I, BETTERNESS WILL SAVE YOU!!!

(Betterness kicks Derek off the roof)


Adam: Betterness...

(Adam leaps out the window and saves Derek's life. Molly Tov Nye disappears after Adam throws the bomb away.)

Derek: Can we finally go out and get a soda?

Adam: Go home, Derek. I work alone...

(Adam places Derek on the ground, and walks away.)

(Credits Roll)

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