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(The episode starts with the group stranded on a planet, near the wreckage of their ship)

Trousers: Ooh, scrap metal!!!

Adam: Wow, the ship blew up without us crashing it!

Borgat: Ooh, a string!!! Neato!!!

Han: Hinoa, how old is Trousers?

Hinoa: 17 years old.

(Communist Landers well, land on the planet.)

Cerid: Alright everyone. As soon as I open that door, the air will come out. Put on those Astro Suits.

Adam: Are there enough?

Braycat: Hopefully.

Han: I have a few extras, if we need some.

(They go onto the planet and find a small cube which has seemingly crash landed there.)

Adam: I wonder what this is...

C: Not what, but who!

Adam: Explain!

C: That's doppleganger. Let me show you!

Nikita: NO!

(C expands the cube using his omnipotent powers and restores Doppleganger)

Doppleganger: Hahahah-

(Voyager 1 crash lands and hits Doppleganger)

Doppleganger: OW! My name is Blaning, anyway!!!

Han: Oh no.

Trousers: Bye bye, Blaning. <throws Blaning a few thousand miles away>

Cerid: Proofreader's log. We have crash landed onto this strange planet... it is red dust and-

Han: WE'RE ON MARS!!!!!

Adam: By my calculations, no. We are in a different solar system.

Nikita: Uhhh... <points to Earth>

Han: That's your forehead.

Adam: Voyager 1 crashing into Blaning was a dead givaway. We are not on MARS, guys. We are in...a duplicate solar system. Odd.

(Little green men attack the group)

Cerid: Don't worry, they're all hallucinati- <is shot by a Martian ray> OW! that hurt!

Martian: (Gibberish)

Adam: R-r-r-real Martians?

Han: Impossible!

Shamus: I remember that bastard from the circus operation I was in. He fucking owes me money after that incident with the popcorn machine.

(Shamus beats down and kills the Martian)

Trousers: Ooh, aliens!!! <has sex with another Martian>

Adam: Er, this, er, is, er, unusual.

James T.: I. Am. Used. To. Alien. Attacks.

Borgat: Doctor of Trousers! Stop having sexy time with alien! You have of no idea where it is of been.

Hinoa: Well, unfortunately he's just about as dense as a black hole of sheer stupidity, sort of like you.

(Communist walkers are released from the landers)

Han: We have a problem...Cerid, how fast do you think your men can work on the ship to get it repaired so we can get the hell off this planet?

Cerid: Not fast enough...

(Trousers pees on the walkers, destroying some of them)


Hinoa: I've got an idea...

(Hinoa takes out a scalpel and takes trousers into a full nelson and cuts his head open.)

Trousers: That wasn't very nice!

(He aims his open head at the remaining walkers. A gravitational force starts to suck the walkers into Trouser's head.)

Trousers: That tickles!

Hinoa: What'd I tell ya? He's a black hole of sheer stupidity! Not even light can escape his gravitational force!


(Hinoa stitches Trousers' head closed, Trousers' loses his trousers)

Trousers: AAA!! I have zero trousers...ooh, a string!!!

Hinoa: You are one very dim light bulb, kid.

Trousers: What's a light bulb?

Braycat: At least I don't have to ask these questions anymore...

Cerid: Well, we're still stranded here.

Adam: C, you're an omnipotent being, why don't you fix the ship.

C: No.

(Adam kicks C in the shin. C falls to the ground)

C: Bastard!

(A Martian mech comes into view)

Adam: Oh damnit!

(It rains laser fire)

Braycat: Take cover!

Nikita: Watch its fire!

(Trousers ties the mech up with string, destroying it)

Trousers: Ooh, big mech thingy went boom!

Everyone else but Borgat: Shut up.

Adam: Shut up.

Indy: Shut up.

Adam: Shut up.

Shamus: All of ye can shutup!

(Shamus smacks everyone with his boot.)

Borgat: Very nice! I can see stars!

Trousers: Pretty stars!

Hinoa: That's not a star.

Han: It's...

(Before Han can finish his sentence the group is ambushed by faceless men and knocked out. Credits roll as you can see the men dragging the heroes through the Martian desert.)

Space. the. final. frontier... User:Uncyclopedian/Template:TYATU

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