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Small Grue Base

Peacekeeping Base

If you are not a member of the Grue Army, or a follower of Ouroboros, you have been eaten.

Welcome to the Grue Army Peacekeeping Base. User:High Gen. Grue started the Grue Army. Now, I have created a second base.

The goal of this base is to keep the peace in Uncyclopedia by eating people. The Ouroboros message is because User:DiZ rocks.

edit Basic Job Kit

These are links to important things for the Grue Army VFD and QVFD job.

edit Training:

Answer these questions:

1. The following article is created: Ga ga ga.

What do you do with it?

2. Someone swapped all the Ks in Kitten Huffing with Gs.

What do you do?

3. Someone stupidly starts a forum topic on Village Dump about DiZ, Benson, and Lord Fluffy. A flamewar starts.

What do you do?

4. A user keeps on vandalising Uncyclopedia.

What do you do? I want an answer for an admin, and an answer for a non-admin.

edit Peacekeeping Squad: Blue Squad

The job of the Peacekeeping Squad is to keep the peace. Basically, stop destructive flamewars(except on BHOP).

edit Members

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