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This nigga's gonna die.. ... ... .. . LOL!

“Lol.... black men.”
~ Jesus on Burnt white men
“In Soviet Russia, Nigger shoots YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on Irony
“Jews are funny.”
~ Not a jew on a jew

Ethnic Cleansing is a game promoting racist fun for all the family! There's nothing wrong in shooting the odd nigger in the face, right?! Well now you can do it legally and avoid being someones prison bitch. In the game, either play as a Ku Klux Klansman or a black man (Choosing the black man means instant death at the beginning of the game, IDIOT).

In the game you must kill Ariel Sharon and rape his naked arab body. It's seriously hot and I have never had so much fun.

For those of you who don't want to be offended beyond belief, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have compiled a tamer article about Ethnic Cleansing.

edit Basic plot of the game

The games plot is to kill racial minorities in a fun and delightful way. Collect NigCoins to buy such beautiful weapons as "The Gas Chamber", "Uzi Drive By" and of course the sun which can be used to melt these talking chocolate men. Unless its a jew, for them you have to burn their little pigtails off. However nearing the end, Super Niggers start to appear, these have attack level "+50". These bastards are not for n00bs. If you indeed get to the end, you must kill Ariel Sharon but make sure Hitler survives! If Hitler dies then PETA come and kill you, desecrate your face then eat it.


Opening cutscene involving the main character discussing peppermint tea and cheeses with his chums.

edit Final cut scene

Unfortunately, the final cut scene had to be removed as it involved a lot of black men getting on the World Trade Centre and then this being bombed by George Bush. In spite of the attacks this had to be removed and instead the cut scene is now set in a London Tube Station.

edit Controversy

At first most groups were happy to allow this game. However one group had a complaint. The National Texture Association had a problem with the brick texture used in one of the buildings as it was very flat, so after intense negotiations, the producers, lolwtf productions, decided to allow the NTA to sort the bricks out. Afterwards it looked lovely and there were no more problems or uprising for the game. Kids everywhere blew niggers heads off whilst their mothers looked proudly on.

edit Trivia

The advertised "realistic negro sounds recorded on the spot with REAL niggers" are in truth ape and monkey cries.

No arabs were featured in the final version of the game because of complaints from the arab community whilst the Negros did not care as they were too busy shooting Uzis and meeting Homies, the Jews were too busy touching each other and being rabbis.

The realistic effects when you blow a jews head off arre the result of testing in a sealed Jewatory and the deaths of many jews including the King of Jews, The Jee man himself.

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