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Article written by I.M. Dumm

Triceratops horridus
Triceratops ATTACK!


Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia/Diapsida
Order Ornithischia
Family Ceratopsidae
Genus Triceratops
Species horridus
Binomial name
T. horridus
Primary armament Nasal horn
Secondary armament Brow horns
Power supply 89 times a day
Health 330
Mana Off da charts
Strength varies with mood
Intelligence 23 I.Q.
Weight 6 tons
Length 32 feet
Special attack Chews primitive angiosperms to power flamethrower in mouth
Conservation status
extinct since the Late Cretaceous
“I don't want to know what your ass looks like in...wait, who is this? Oh, yeah. The three-horned chap with a butt-ugly beak.”

It's great. Four days of non-stop-Wait, what article is this? Oh, yeah. That Styracosaurus-I mean, Centro- Penta...ceratops...

edit Distribution

AMERICA! But not Canada, because ornithischians HATED good health care (those damn theropods were healthier up in Manitoba and Alberta, you know.)

edit Evolution

I'm not joking about how awesome that Psittacosaurus is. Yup, it's cool having like, 10 species in that genus. Like, most dinosaur genera are SO monotypic. It's stupid. Anyways, the Ceratopsia are all descended from those Chinese buggers. Even Leptoceratops, the misfit reject of the Marginocephalia.

edit Related Genera

Torosaurus, but not Diceratops- it's one ugly retard. Suck it, Bakker. And of course all the new ones from 2010 that nobody everyone cares so passionately about. Even me, your mom, and, of course, the King.

edit Behavior

No, Mom. I'm not a homosexual...of course he's not buying that car. Why do you think he called Dad yesterday?...Okay, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. The behavior thing. Umm...I don't have any fucking clue. Go ask your cousin, Joey. He looks pretty knowledgeable about it.

edit Human Uses

PZ riding dino

Here's one.

Quite a few. I can't think of any good ones right now, though. Call me back at 6:00 tonight and maybe I'll have some examples for you.

edit Reproduction

The best there is. Disgusting, long, and painful. Eggs take 3 years to hatch into wonderful cubs. Did I say cubs? I meant to say larvae. Why do you want to know, huh? Are you a pervert? Are ya?

edit Am I Qualified to Write This Article?

I don't know. Ask your father, little girl. NO, I will NOT buy you any toy dinosaurs.

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