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Encyclopaedia Dramatica is an online encyclopedia which is accessable by the general public but only scholars can contribute to. It is so accurate that many university professors encourage their students to use it as a reference. It has now surpassed wikipedia in its popularity.

edit History

Encyclopedia Dramatica was started in December of 2004 by Jimbo Wales as an alternative to wikipedia. While wikipedia does contain some factual information from noted scholars such as Ann Coulter, Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell; it is also ridden with uneducated, leftist propaganda from people such as Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, and Richard Dawkins. While wikipedia still exists and is somewhat popular because it can be accessed by anyone; Encyclopedia Dramatica has been praised for its factual information and scholarly creditentials. It is free of vandalism, inaccuracies, propaganda, and systemic bias that is rampant on wikipedia. It has almost 5,000 articles in English and also exists in several other languages including Newspeak, Al Bhed, and Klingon.

edit Notable Contributors

The following people have helped made Encyclopedia Dramatica what it is because of their knowledgeable, factual, moderate, and unbiased contributions:

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