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Blue Ball Factory

This is no more than a billionth of the factory.

The Blue Ball Factory is a the global manufacturer of blue balls and other related products such as the Blue Ball Factory Ol' Fashioned Destruct-O-Cannon™ and the Blue Ball Factory Cube Corrector™.

Blue Ball Factory Ol' Fashioned Destruct-O-Cannon™. Buy yours now, for only £/$79.99! Yes, £/$79.99 plus P+P (£/$1000,000)

People have flocked from all over the globe for the wondrous blue ball.

The Cube Corrector™. Warning:May ruin your Rubik's.

edit Blue Balls themselves

Blue Balls are blue, and spherical.

edit Function

The blue balls appear to be used for eating, drinking, bouncing, head-replacing, general happiness and for use in suicide by choking.

edit How the balls appeal to the senses:

Smell-The balls have a rubbery scent, like burning tyres.
Sight-Blue. So unbelievably blue.
Touch-Apparently, quite springy.
Side-Trumpets-The balls sound very yoinky, apparently.
Taste-They taste like old blueberry muffins.

edit Why make blue balls?

It's fun to watch them being made.

edit Ok, again, why?

I just told you.

edit You're an idiot, I'm outta here.

Shut up, nobody gives one!

Bloink1 solid
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