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BBC Eenglish is a jolly good ewld ecksent inveeanted peeurely to meke the messes speak like theey aah suppohsed to. Thowse Yenks have new ideea hew to speak Eenglish propahley, and theyahforh this form of kemmunication wes inviented sew thet we ken teech them a bloody good lesson!

800px-Badger britain

Jolly good, ewld cheyp, we'll shew thewse Scots what for!

edit Good Ewld BBC Eenglish: A histoly.

BBC Eenglish meyd its fest eppearance shoatly efter the Syecond Werld War wheyah we shewed those ruddy Jellies hew the British are the rewlers, not them. It wars ferst yoused to shew how brilleantly eacksented the British could meke themselves sound. Weyell of course it weacked, eand the ecksent caused a meassive uprise in neational pride.

edit The War Egeinst Common Eenglish end Emerican Eenglish

Enfortunately, soon efterwords the commoners begean to speak 'normeally'. Emericans, heving stolen the lenguage, begen meaking it theyer ewn. Sewn, the lenguage was so deformed it was beahly recognisehble. BBC English is en extremely reah occulance, end beahly enybody youses this brilliant form of kemmunication eny more.

edit Newtable BBC Eenglish speakers

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