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'Sup! I've only made this account about twenty-three and a half hours ago at the time of writing this, so don't expect any miracles. Perhaps a few wonderous feats here and there or even a superhuman act of extraordinarity, but certainly no miracles. Yeah, even my own user page is a linkless, funnyless work in progress. In the meanwhile, feel free to sit in that other dark corner of our padded cell and getcho' self all educalated and smart-like.

edit ಠ_ಠ


edit To those who know what I'm talking about

Starfish, feel free to post a link to Huzzlesnap here! As much as I hate to say it, an average site attendance rate of 3.5 users makes one... well, I'll let poor Lil' Kim Jong-Il [1] illustrate my feelings. In other words, prease do!


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