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~ Billy The Kid's final words

a rare photo of the infamous outlaw, Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid was one of the Wild West's most dangerous outlaws and national hero, his legacy is a controversial one at best with media often depicting him as a hero when historical records tend to show him as a much more aggressive - even psychotic - criminal who killed countless people in his quest for power and infamy.

edit Biography

edit Early Life

Billy the Kid grew up on an ordinary ranch in the Old West and was said to have got along well with the other farm animals - however as he grew older the young goat became ever more fixated on becoming a sheriff: ridiculed by his peers for attempting to enter a position almost exclusively held by humans he refused to give up his dream and attempted to enroll - however he was quickly dismissed by the human majority due to animal prejudice being high in his time period: now embittered towards both man and animal Billy the Kid turned his back on his dream and became an outlaw to show man and animal what one goat could truly accomplish.

edit Criminal Career


Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County Regulators, 1877

Billy the Kid began his career by raiding towns, earning himself a fearful reputation as the fastest 'butt in the West due to his talent for headbutting his victims before they could react - he was also an accomplished actor and was able to fake fainting (a trait still practiced by some of his followers in the modern era).

Although depicted as a hero of sorts to the oppressed animals of the Old West it was never in question that Billy the Kid was a psychotic criminal and his numerous headbutting raids did not go without notice - with many Old West gunslingers becoming humiliated by the goat's antics confrontation was inevitable and his raids soon became more violent as fighting between man and goat intensified.

These fights were sometimes fatal though new evidence has suggested that Billy the Kid was not entirely to blame for most of these deaths as the gunslingers had actually shot themselves while being sent airborn by one of the outlaw's infamous headbutts - at least thirty known deaths were attributed to Billy the Kid with many more being suggested over time.

edit Arrest & Imprisonment

edit Escape

edit Death

edit Legacy

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