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The United Chatroom of the Great Adaptation
The United Chatroom of the Great Adaptation that will kill everybody(?)
United Chatroom of Adaptation
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Пролетарии всех стран, объединяйтесь!"
Anthem: "Jizz in my pants"
Capital Paris, France
Largest city Paris, France
Official language(s) Russian, English, Swearing, several orcish dialects, и этот секретный код
Government No Idea
The Admin Ju██ Ch██
‑ Co-Admin An███ Muk██████████████████ the russian
‑ King Matt████ Toff██████
Average temperature −82 °C
Maximum temperature +51 °C
Adaptation White Russians, Asians, etc.
Religion No school = AWESOME
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“What a nice chatroom here...#sarcasm.”
~ From the "Greatest Quotes of Oscar Wilde
“It inspires students to be clever, intelligent and creative.”
~ A random dude that has nothing to do with this article
“Why am I here?.”
~ Another Random Dude
“the life is not as simple as some plans made by a person" ”
~ Vladimir Putin, the ever so great president of Russia, descendant of the all-mighty, the most powerful USSR
“Herp Derp.”
~ JC, the Admin

edit Introduction

UCA standing for the United Chatroom of Adaptation (적응의 연합 대화방 - in Korean) is the smallest country in the world (even smaller than Vatican). The problem is that it is virtual. It is situated in the Internet, created in Paris, France on Google Docs and currently has 4 members.

Although it doesn't really exist now (see == Apocalypse Of Chatroom (AOC) ==), the fresh memory of this prodigious country and hope of its resurrection influences people throughout the world.

The administrator of the UCA is currently trying to revive the Chatroom.

During its real existence, the Chatroom had a Government (FCDG = the First Chatroom Democratic Government) whose structure is similar to the USA government. That's why the Chatroom was named the UCA. Nevertheless, "the life is not as simple as some plans made by a person" (said Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia which is the descendant of the USSR), so the Chatroom was censored and fully controlled by the FCDG Government. That's why the name of the UCA also resembles to the USSR.

The ever-so large population of the UCA contains small amount of 4 students (one Korean, one Russian, one Belgian and one Chinese), only 2 being active. The group is located in one of the most prestigious private school therefore they tink tht dis article wil b grammeratically/spelling correct, apparently no.

edit History

edit The Foundation

The creation of this government is just fairly simple and disappointing. A dude name Ju███ C████i created a shared file on Google Docs. After that he had a brilliant idea, which was based on the notion of "chatroom", created the first alpha version of UCA. If you ever heard of the idiom "Everything starts good", this was not the case. He didn't even had a slightest idea what's the real meaning of the chatroom, therefore created a document that consisted with multiple trash that only 2 people enjoyed.

edit The Great Step Forward

The project, also known as "The Great Step Backward", is consisted in creating a better environment for the people, to the people, by the people ( closer look at the language ). However, even though the admin "tried" his best attempt to revolutionize, it was eventually filled with bunch-of-more-trash that took up the space of a whole chatroom, e.g., an Analysis of the setting of the book Ethan Frome. Research shows that the analysis took 85% of the chatroom, which resulted USA's economy to plummet to the bottom.

edit Apocalypse Of Chatroom (AOC)

UCA destroyed

This is what is left of our great UCA after the Apocalypse. A polite note from the Admin telling that he was too lazy to revive the system and a link to our Uncyclopedia article which you are reading right now. Everything is gone.....

AOC, also known as "The Revolution of the Minor", is the biggest tragedy which has ever taken place since the beginning of the UCA. It is defined as a major server crash which resulted in catastrophic damage of chatroom, burning the whole data to ashes. No one really knows what had happened but there is an unproved hypothesis that the Major Server Crash happened because the Opposition unsatisfied with the Government decided to blow up the Royal Palace. Rebels "accidentally" put too much dynamite. The whole server was destroyed.

edit The Comeback

After the AOC, an eye-watering tragic event, happened, the only hope, the Admin, JC, tried to revive the Chatroom by 29/3/2013. He named the project "The Comeback", creating ambitious ideas that will revolutionize whole concept of chatroom. Unfortunately, the project he made lasted only so long, he delayed(or even abandoned) the comeback only because of the one reason : laziness has overcame him.

As for now the future of the chatroom remains bleak. Many critics suggest should a revolution happen it will transform into a better place. Not surprisingly the suggestion was thwarted shortly after realizing the tiny group of UCA.

edit The Great Depression

Since the failure, they has been great depression in the chatroom... oh wait, the chatroom doesn't even exist.

edit Members

"Active" Ju███ Ch███ ( The Admin ) - The creator/founder of UCA, and calls himself "the Admin". It's also the person who is writing this right now.

"Active" An███ Muk█████████ ( "co Admin" ) - He is just a bland member of UCA, but acts like a admin, even though no one told him to do it. It's also the person who is editing the thing that the Admin wrote right now.

"Active-Maybe" Mat███ Toff███( I dunno if he is even alive ) - One of the quote on quote "active" member. No one knows where he is now. Maybe peacefully spending time with belgian girls.

"Laur███" - ( ? ) - Where are u?

edit Success and influence on culture

The Chatroom had an immense success within the whole human society. Not only the history of the USA" (USA or UCA: who cares?) is studied at school, but also the UCA influenced the greatest books and movies of the century: "Hunger Games" by Suzan Collins; "Biography Of Steve Jobs"; "Lincoln" (the president of the USA: again it's only one letter difference) by Steven Spielberg, "Skyfall", the series of "Twilight", "Django: Unchained", etc. This list can be continued as long as the Universe can last.

Experts are still hesitating about the origin of the success. Some say that it came because of the great initials of the Admin: J.C. (same as Julius Caesar's and Jesus Christ's). Others think that it was because the UCA was secretly sponsored by Chuck Norris. Some just think that the success came accidentally: someone, when searching for the USA, accidentally misspelled it which led him to the UCA page; he told this to his friends and this spread more and more. Finally, we, personally, are sure that the UCA is so famous because of its great citizenship, amazing history and full democracy of the Government!

edit Current Situation / Change Log

17/12/12 - Main server created

17/12/12 - Added rules, funny video, and a chat room

17/12/12 - First comments added by AM (one of the active members)

17/12/12 - AM gets banned for the first time

19/12/12 - Comments (real chat) added. Now it’s live.

20/12/12 - Jokes of the Week added.

20/12/12 - New videos added

20/12/12 - New rules

25/12/12 - Merry Christmas! The Admin predicts that the Chatroom will keep on influencing the greatest people of the whole history of the humanity (like Steve Jobs) during the next following years.

28/12/12 - Rules updated by the FCDG (The First Chatroom Democratic Governement)

28/12/12 - The chat is now censored so ██████ ███ █████████.

28/12/12 - Chatroom Title changed to "United Chatroom of Adaptation" 'cause the government system's equal to United States of America's system and it sounds better". Really? What the fu███?

29/12/12 - The (formal) opposition was created as our Government is fully democratic.

29/12/12 - The job center now opened. No one why it was made with only two active members. Maybe jff (see

29/12/12 - █████████ ██████ ███ ██████ ███ █████████ ████████████ ████████████ ███ ██████ ██████ ██████.

29/12/12 - New Chatroom is made and now it’s live!

31/12/12 - ██████ (one unactive user) finally found our chatroom.


Since 1/2/13, because of the AOC the UCA factically doesn't exist anymore.

Apparently, the Admin, Ju███ Ch███, was going to reopen the chatroom in 29/3/13, but his lack of motivation and laziness resulted in postponed comeback.

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