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UberCream is a flash animator/programmer who definately, DEFINATELY, wrote this article on himself. Despite his egocentric beliefs, UberCream is very kind-hearted. He really likes to masturbate express himself by drawing phallic images pictures for people who visit his userpage.

edit Here you go, by the way:


edit Influence on teh Interwebz

UberCream has both a Youtube account [1] and a Newgrounds account [2]. The only reasons that these are posted here are because he is a pageviews whore, and has a painful orgasm everytime someone adds one of his animations to their favorites list.

edit Opinion on the Fine Arts

In UberCream's opinion, Sonic Unleashed was the worst game ever. There's your fucking fine arts. >:(

Oh, all this talk about things that raped my childhood is making me angry! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

*Slams door*

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