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mynumberis642 (8:34:23 PM): HEYO
LittleBoarder57 (8:34:37 PM): who r u
mynumberis642 (8:34:57 PM): i am me
mynumberis642 (8:35:07 PM): so how is your life going right now
LittleBoarder57 (8:35:42 PM): first of all i would like to know who the hell you are
mynumberis642 (8:36:00 PM): this is your father i have finally found son
LittleBoarder57 (8:36:23 PM): shut the fuck up
mynumberis642 (8:36:33 PM): dont talk to daddy that way
mynumberis642 (8:37:02 PM): i am sorry i walked out on you and your mother many years ago
mynumberis642 (8:37:12 PM): but daddy is coming home now son
LittleBoarder57 (8:37:13 PM): shut the fuck up bitch
mynumberis642 (8:37:23 PM): i guess i desive that
mynumberis642 (8:37:46 PM): please forgive
mynumberis642 (8:37:48 PM): me
LittleBoarder57 (8:37:53 PM): in your dreams
mynumberis642 (8:37:59 PM): cause i wanna hold
mynumberis642 (8:38:13 PM): and show u what this life has instore for you
mynumberis642 (8:38:44 PM): my sweet little punkin pie and your the apple of my eye
mynumberis642 (8:38:55 PM): daddy is coming home
mynumberis642 (8:39:25 PM): will your forgive me?
LittleBoarder57 (8:39:39 PM): stop iming me now you dush bag
mynumberis642 (8:39:49 PM): please i love you son
mynumberis642 (8:40:25 PM): do u love me
mynumberis642 (8:40:40 PM): tell your mother i am coming home
LittleBoarder57 (8:40:59 PM): f u
mynumberis642 (8:42:00 PM): i no i desver that but please son please forgive me fo rwalking out on u i no i made some bad chices in my life if u forgive me it would make me very happy
LittleBoarder57 (8:42:38 PM): my parents are divorsed and your making me pissed off
mynumberis642 (8:42:52 PM): thats not your real daddy
LittleBoarder57 (8:43:24 PM): i am going to ask ashliegh who this is and once i find out i will beat the living shit out of you dush bag and make holes through your fuckin head!
LittleBoarder57 (8:43:51 PM): i am in high school my 2nd to last year and if you live in freeport your goin down!
LittleBoarder57 (8:43:58 PM): so i dont want any fuck from you
mynumberis642 (8:44:30 PM): please forgive me son
LittleBoarder57 (8:44:41 PM): do you understand youbig fuckin cunt
mynumberis642 (8:45:15 PM): son please daddy has had enoguh pain and suffering in his life
mynumberis642 (8:45:59 PM): i will see u in a week son
mynumberis642 (8:46:05 PM): and i will always love you
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