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Unknown to the Human race is Acne.A highly intelligent species of Bacteria known to colonize host of living organism until it is completely dry of all bodily oils.What it lacks in size makes for brains as they are the only type of bacteria known to create "cities" on living things.

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edit What is Acne?

Acne is a highly intelligent race of bacteria that forms primarily on humans and some primate species.They colonize areas of high body oils in the face they use this oil to fuel/feed there cities (Note:Not like cities with skyscrapers and streets ,but areas where the bacteria live/breed/feed) or what Humans call it "Pimples,Zits,or Face Herpes".They tend to appear on Humans during the ages of 12-39 ,but some appear as early as 10 or 11.Acne reproduces by using budding like most microorganisms.They reproduce rapidly in areas of high body oils and result in huge "Pimples".This as led to most young Humans being socially unaccepted when finding mates.When a fully colonized host loses all bodily oils it will become horribly disfigured.

edit Stages of Colonization

There are 4 stages of colonization.Depending on the amount of "pimples" on the face overpopulation of Acne Bacteria will result in the germ expanding to areas of the back,neck,shoulders,and chest in there search for body oil.Pimples are barely visible during the first two stages.

edit Stage 0

Through not technically a stage by mainstream scientist what occurs in this stage is completely harmless.Pimples barley infect the skin and can be felt just by rubbing down your face.This stage is clearly a sign that your face is dirty and can be fixed just be washing your face daily.

edit Stage 1

The Acne Bacteria have barely managed to colonize the facial areas.Through this stage doesn't pose much of a threat ,but extensive cleansing of the face should be advised.

edit Stage 2

In this stage colonization is nearing completion.Acne Bacteria have fully managed to create inflamed,puss filled Zits.Thus making the pimple easily visible to other Humans/Potential Hosts.It is extremely advised to wash affected facial areas(If pimples haven't managed to expand to other regions) to remove large amounts of body oils and bacteria over the course of the next 2 weeks as this is the stage where acne starts building painful cysts on heavily affected areas.Proactive is not advised but should be used as a weapon of last resort.

edit Stage 3

Colonization has stopped ,but expansion has continued.The bacteria have built large pimples and start forming more and more pimples and cysts everyday across various location including the back the chest and the barely reachable neck area.They usually began to start looking towards the arms and legs.This stage becomes extremely difficult to combat as pimples are on every square inch of the hosts upper regions.Through difficult doesn't mean impossible as the host can apply water,pimple creams,and even scrubbing tools to effectively remove any body oils to eliminate the bacteria's main food source.The host should never touch affected areas with unclean hands as this will add more bacteria to them.Use every available cleansing tool to eliminate pimples.

edit Stage 4

Every square centimeter is filled with giant red pimples from head to toe.Bodily oils are near diminishing as the body is unable to quickly produce these oils.To combat this is impossible ,but eliminate a fare amount is possible unless the pimples are dry mounds.At this stage host will be socially awkward at finding mates,companions,or anything else resulting in host turning to online social networks with fake I.D pictures to find mates.

edit How to effectively combat Acne

Combating acne is a difficult task emotionally and economically.First you would need to figure out what stage you are currently in.If you at stage 1 continue reading ,If at stage stage 2,3 or 4 skip to the next paragraph.First identify all the areas affected by acne and scratch/rub off any of the smaller crustier zits until they are nothing.Next wash your affected area with large amounts of water for the next five days.If you continue to notice more pimples are growing stop eating greasy food and drink plenty of water.

edit Stages 2,3,and 4

Stages 2,3,and 4 are much more difficult as they grow bigger pimples,need more body oils,and start creating painful cysts in heavily affected regions.First start by going on the offensive and launch all-out water bombardments on all heavily affected regions.Next scratch/rub off any smaller crustier pimples.The bacteria would now be able to be easier to combat.Now eliminate the last of them using pimple creams such as Proactiv.If that doesn't work continue washing and cleansing affected areas for about a month.

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