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Everybody here on this site knows about UNmarine777 and his retarted acts on trying to create aritcles that are worthless ands is a stupid russian! articles are pretty desent but get to know the the real story behind this noob person.

edit In the Begigning

I was Sperm cell and go to egg and find out it was a trap and I was stuck there for days,Months and years.With the area around me growing tighter I see a light and a white glove.I coudn't remeber what happened here all i just remember was that the docter told my mum that i had severe head tramua and I woudn't last five minutes.then came 3rd grade where my teacher Mr.Ivan Na, Jakov told me I have a acute IQ don't no what that means but Ok.7th grade probably the best year of my life as I had the best damn throwing hand i dogde ball but it was to good and backfired on me.From there I work at Russian McDonald's and KGB which earned alot of money and from there we went to Russian Airport and there I saw it America just as beautiful as I throught with its Valleys and Rich Hollywood poeple and we took it.The day I got to America it was...was..Horrible disgusting with its fat poeple and it's overed worked Politics it was an ugly site.years later I went to American High School which was worst then watching Russian Spider-man 3.There they only ask for perfection,completion,and facist awards.They literilly tourchered you made you look special and the food oh'god it wasn't even food!As of now I am past all that facist stuff.

edit Russian stuff to know and remember from me

Yes I am from Russia If you haven't noticed that.Your Retarted.Here are somethings to know about russia when i lived in it.

  • Suka-Translates bitch in russian.yes go tell all your friends this infact you can tell a teacher just make sure she's not Russian.
  • Piz-Da-Translates to Pussy in Russian.Go on tell your girlfriend you want Piz-Da.
  • South Park - Translates to you little filthy whore(prostitute in some dialects) from Germany cum eater.
  • LFWFGCE-Translates to South Park.

Some Russian DYKs:

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