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edit Overview

Infinity Ward bored as usual after the release of Call of Duty:Ancient Warfare decide to.So they did.They told us what its about,gave us a release date and stuff like that.But no one cared aslong as the game was Modern Warfare 4 and had a overly dramatic trailer.

“Modern Warfare 4 will be the game of the year.because it as no real story line or any use of strategy,just shooting things till your next checkpoint.”
~ Some guy on On the basics of MW4

edit Plot

Infinity Ward put there blood,sweat,tears,and semen into developing a plot for the game which took about 4 year and twenty-seven hours of Black Hawk Down and The Hurt Locker to create it.It starts out with you being a US Army soildier and you must fight the Taliban while America sucks its oil reserves dry,then some guy tells you to join the PTA.Next some guy really hates the west and goes to some airport and kills a bunch of his own people to make Mother russia cry for war,literally.While Russia is crying for war they send in poorly-trained spetznas wannabes with 9mm pee shooters to blow the west up.You have to find some wetback in Brazil and soap falls on him and crushes six of his rips.Then that old-ass general betrays you and kills some badass guy.Then you have to kill lots of people.You grab a gun and trade it for another gun.You kill a couple people.later that senior launches a couple missles at the east coast to kill all the rednecks.Then Al Gore tells you to lit a match on a roof so the Air Force won't bomb a patch of grass.Next you find yourself throwing a butter knife at that generals eye.a million peolpe die as a result when some fatass forgot to check the tape to the camera that started ww3.And the world is peaceful until they make the next Call of Duty.Oh and zombies come. Infinity Ward stated that the gaming expience of MW4 will be so realistic it will almost seem like if its a "movie".

edit Multiplayer

New to the Call of Duty franchise,multiplayer allows you to versus other players either online or split screen.With hundreds of original game modes that we didn't copy from Halo,No not at all.

  • 1.Slayer - Kill other players.
  • 2.Team Slayer - kill players from the other team.Or your team if you get bored in this world this lonely world.
  • 3.Assault - Plant a bomb somewhere in the world this lonely world.
  • 4.oddball - grab a skull and place it at certain areas in this world this lonely world.
  • 5.Headhunter - kill people and grab there skulls and place it in certain spots in this world this lonely world.

edit EXP

EXP is a point system used to tell how much you suck at the game or how much time you wasted on this game.EXP is represented by a orange bar at the bottom of your screen that fills up every time you kill someone or something.Every time you kill a player your EXP bar will raise 0.000001 micrometers and will laugh at you with a deep tone.

edit Challenges

Challenges allow you to gain more exp,attachments,camoes,perks,and killstreaks by doing certain tasks that seem pointless.some challenges effect real life.Heres a couple:

  • Run 200,000,000,000 kilometers-run 200,000,000,000 kilometers to recieve a reward that you will most likely bragg about.
  • Reward - 5 exp and a emblem you will cheer about until you realise it was a waste of time.
  • Top shot - Kill 500 players with a gun.
  • Reward - 1 exp and a warranty for your bullets.
  • Seriously - Actually did all the challenges.
  • Reward - A good job.

edit Killstreaks

Are rewards you get for killing seven people and recieving a 170 million dollar jet to drop a bomb randomly on someone without sending coordinates.Some killstreaks are made all unique.

  1. 1.Jet - Sends in a $15 million dollar jet to drop a carpet full of bombs on a Terroist.
  • To recieve it get 89 kills without dying.
  1. 2.Jet that hovers(JTH) - Sends in a $15 million dollar( or 5 euros if you are playing as someone european) jet that drops a carpet full of bombs on some terroist and then hovers and takes a shit on them.
  • To recieve it get 7 kills without dying.Hard isn't.
  1. 3.Jet that hovers for five seconds - Sends in a Jet that hovers for five seconds.
  • To obtain it sell your soul to Satan for $5.
  1. 4. Jet that hovers for not 5....not ...6...but 7 seconds - sends in a jet full of missles and bombs until it needs refueling after ten seconds of use.
  1. 5. Heli - OMG teh coptr iz c0m1ing ran 4 l1fe.(Gun shots)I iz ded :(.Sound of an average player encountering a copter.
  • To obtain it you must learn how to send coordinates via radio and get 2 kills without dying.
  1. 6. Nuke - sends in a Tsar Bomba to destroy eight terroist in New York City.
  • Its automatically obtained at the start of every match to piss of your teammates.

edit Weapons

It wouldn't be call of duty without guns so Infinity Ward goggled a whole bunch of guns that they thought where cool and put them in there game.heres what they came up with.

Assault rifle

  • ACR' - Some gun nobody cares about.
  • damage - not alot.
  • Accuracy - what accuracy.
  • Magazine size - 5.
  • rate of fire - I serouisly have know idea.
  • A generic machine gun - Worthy of calling holy.If you buy the super mega ultra limited meg edition.
  • Damage - Enough to rip apart titanuim.
  • Accuracy - You can headshot an ant from a 55 miles away.
  • Magazine size - 100 pages thick.
  • Rate of Fire -fast as heaven.
  • An AK47 without any bullets if you pre-order the super mega extreme edition.
  • Damage - pillow.
  • Accuracy - pillow.
  • Magazine size - none.
  • Rate of Fire - God Help us all.


  1. 1-barreled shotgun - a shotgun that has one barrel for extreme awesomeness.
  • Damage - make it count.
  • Accuracy - its a shotgun what do you expect.
  • Magazine Size - 1 shell at a time.
  • Rate of Fire - 1 shell at a time.


  • Bolt-action pistol - a cobination of a Intervention and a M9.if you but the Alpha omega killtacular super not-halo meg-legendary edition.
  • Damage - Only good for tickleing people.
  • Accuracy - ?.
  • Magazine size - one bullet.
  • Rate of Fire - matters.

Infinity Ward tried there best to put as many "good" guns as possible to allow you to biuld a unique armory

edit Attachments

Attachments allow you to put scopes and grips on your weapon without the hassle of using rails or clips to attach them to your gun.although Infinity ward keeps trying to keep it's nooby attachments (grenade launcher),The U.S. Military Banned any copies of the game that where sold to service Men due to them calling there M4-M203 mounted grenade launchers Nooby which as lead to a 23% percent death toll among Service Men and useless $45 million dollars of taxpayer money that went to manufactoring the rifle-mounted device.

edit Perks

Are those things that will make life better by upgarding certain things such as carrying two M60 machine guns that are as light as a paperclip or carrying a 45 pound Javelin Anti-Tank Missle Launcher well running at speeds of a Cheetah

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