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edit How it Started

One Day God was bored out of his mind after his last creation so he created a few things and pulled out a sniper rifle and shot a few.Fortunately Mankind wasn't one of them.So after thousands of years of War,disease,famine,murder,natural disasters,and Lady Gaga Ghost started to appear ,but being made of energy and living for eternity has its downsides too.YOUR BORED HAS HELL.So the dead copied or should I say stolled something from the living.This thing is the most essential thing in the History of Humanity.Porn thats right ghost copied our porn.Kewl

edit History of Ghost pornography

Ghost porn began sometime after the 1st 100,000,000 people had died.Ghost could live for eternity,fly through walls,and are stars like the Kardasians on T.V shows such as Ghost Hunters ,but who would want to live forever without banging a few brods.Thus the invention of Ghost Pornography was gifted to the afterlife.

edit Modern Ghost Pornography


edit famous Pornos

  • Nightmare in Elm's Sheets
  • The Amityville whores
  • Friday and Im 13
  • Halloween XXX
  • Pollherguys-
  • Ghosthumpers
  • Ghosthumpers 2
  • GhostHumpers 3:Rocking Paris
  • The Shining XXX
  • Alone in the Dark "Oh Yeah"
  • The house of Cocks-House of Clocks parody
  • 1 missed call for strippers -One miss call parody
  • Spider-man 3
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