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Unlike the Irish Frontversal or the Russian reversal the American Centerversal is truly an American joke.Which basically means its the best country in the world.This joke was first demonstrated during a United Nations summit meeting in New York when Russian president Medvedev was saying a Russian reversal on the strenght of there military to a African political leader who further told him about his military then President Obama said well America's oil economy pwnz.

edit How it works

Simple to know how it works you have to be an American citizen.It works like this first one country says something in reversal then another country says something in standard form and boom goes the dynamite America says something totally irrelevent ,but shows how america is the best.For example: In Soviet Russia "Nuclear war starts YOU!!",Well in Iceland we don't even know what war is?But America's justice system pwnz! The pwnz at the end is optional.This tactic can be used to show how awesome america is and how poor your country is.

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