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After the apocalyptic World War 3 the world fell apart and governments dissolved.As survivors scrambled for food The last the Mega Corporations soon began drawing their plans for world domination in hopes of maintaining their power.Promising a protection,free-education,and prosperity.The Year is 2084.


McBig Brother is Watching YOU!

edit Background Info

It is the year 2084 and the world is ruled by the last 4 MegaCorporations in the ruins of the old world.McDonalds Union which happens to rule a quarter of the world along with the KFC Democratic States, The Target Federation, and the Wal-Mart Socialist Awesome Republic Good Job.Each one is constantly at war and rules there citizens with an iron fist made of iron.No one dares question the Supreme Government in fear of being sent to room 102.The Government has established control over there citizens on the streets and in there own minds with the creation of "McBig Brother" who sees all,knows all,and controls all.The Four Corporation-States are always on the brink of their own destruction as there CEO's know nothing on how to rule a country ,but the CEO's themselves didn't want their people to suffer ,they just don't know how to bring there people out this Dystopian Society.The CEOs try to cover up their damages by creating a false Utopia outlawing Curse Words, Middle School jokes,Bullying,Sexual Pleasure,all religions and Alcohol because these are what caused problems in the past instead they formed a religion called "ALL" which is every religion combined.Ancient Nations such as America,Russia,and Europe raped of their culture and patriotism by the Corporations changing history.Russia were Capitalist in the Cold War,American's are Fascists Nazies and started World War 2, North Korea created the Gangnam Style...are all examples of this History change ,but this was not limited to nations only.People who where charged with " ThoughtCrimes " where erased from reality they would be kidnapped in the night and all birth records or files would be burned with their owner.The Government unanimously decided to divert their people's hate towards them by creating a false evil terrorist group called Al-Google led by Manuel Steiner or he is a real terrorist leader and is responsible for everything.Nobody knows for sure.

Worldmap2084 copy

A Map of the future!

edit Part 1:Prologue

The Year is 2084 (if you didn't already notice), Michael Protagnist is just an average 21-year old McEmployee of the MegaCorporation living in McNew York City who hates his job at writing menus at the many Mcdonalds.One day he decides to do a half-ass job enough to keep him up to the 5 Minutes of WTF."Oh Hey Michael hows the weather?" said Conan O'Brien one of Michaels many colleagues "Horrible I wish everyone would diesaid Michael" "Well are you going to mikes birthday party?"Conan said "I would rather shoot myself in the face" "Hey did you know Joe said he saw McBig Brother the other day!" "Like I a shit" "Hey are you going to the staff meeting today?".O'Brien continues to talk about random things well Michael responds carelessly."I heard they captured a target spy yesterday and he gave up some intel...."(Michael Interrupts) Okay shut up where here let's get this over with so I can go home.(A screen shows up with a man saying big words and blaming everything on the Chinese.Everybody in the crowd is like teenage girls at a Justin Timberlake concert.Michael just sits boredly while O Brien is basically jizzing to the screen.A woman in the lower rows is like on crack or something when a face of the Oppressor and she gets all freaky and throws everything in her pocket.The finally it ends with an ad from McDonalds."Well that was boring" Michael says.

After five hours of looking at a wall with a 45x45 poster of McBig Brother he decides to stay home."okay ,I just rebelled against the government time to get busy".Michael plays a few rounds of multiplayer on Call of Duty 32:We Ran out of Wars.After two hours a mysterious person knocks on the door."Shit!" whispers Michael "House Keeping ..Michael no está aquí!"(Michael). "Open the damn door I know your in there"(the man)!.Michael reluctantly opens the door to a buisness man who helps himself in "Oh hi,my name is Mr.Montag I'll be assisting you today" (Michael)"Assisting me for what!?" (Man)"Well I noticed your far too busy being oppressed you might want to settle a claim." (michael)"Okay where do i...wait how do i know this is not a trick?" (Man)"Well you know when you file a claim a mysterious man walks...screw this I am a McAgent and your under arrest for crimes against the country!" (Michael)" Well that escalated quickly!".Michael accepts his fate and refuses to resist and is sent the McBureau where he locked away in room 102.Inside room 102 Michael is locked down to a chair interrogated by McAgents

A McAgent speaks through a speaker "Subject: Protagnist K. Michael , Age 21 Crime:absent from workplace,Crimes against The Country."

A tall man escorted by guards enters the room.

The tall man speaks"Hello Mr.Protagnist my Name is Mr.Anderson but that is unnecessary.You see you were absent from work on April 4th,2084 which cost our Corporation $120,000 dollars and four people lost their lives."
"That's not true! ,Because i got two extra free days!"Michael shouts

"You are a smart one aren't you!Remember March 1st and 2nd?."
"Dammit!"shouts Michael

"Michael Kiles Protagnist if that is your name,You live in 24-story apartment building in Brooklyn.I know everything you did in the last week and everything you will do tomorrow I am...this room will be your new'll be in this room..this desert of your own suffering until you forget what the sun looks like ,but don't worry we are going to have a lot of fun.....but not like know what I mean right, nevermind that.These two guards by the door on your left Pvt.Richard Stoneman and CPL.Jack Black have the ability to see what they want to see and what I am going to do to you will make you beg for that came out wrong nevermind that!"
"Mr Protagnist I am going to ask you a simple question.What does 2+2 equal?"
"Four,the answer is Four"Said Michael
"Wrong! 2+2 equals 5"
"No your lying it equals 4!"Michael says
"Who told you?Your teacher how do you know your teacher didn't lie ,know lets try again what does 2+2 equal"
"Four"Said Michael
"Listen you dumbfuck 2+2 does not equal goddamn 4!"
"Then what does it equal?"Cries Michael
"What ever I tell you it equals and you will repeat it and you'll remember it and you'll believe it!The truth is the truth as long as nobody knows its a lie!"
"Have you heard the story of how it all began? Mr.Protagnist"
"Yes"Said Michael
"Tell me"
"In the beginning....there where many corpor..ations....ruled by an oppressive Government....then the ..the..Corporations rose....and destroyed the government!"
"Do you Know who MCBig Brother is?"
"Yes"Said Michael
"Do think he is a real flesh and blood person or a lie created to keep you people under control"
"He is real"Said Michael
"Now can you tell me if you have ever seen McBig brother in person or for real."

(Michael stares blankly into space)

"Now what does 2+2 equal?"
"One...Nine...Eight....FOUR fuck you that's right!"Shouts Michael

Today class we are going to learn math can anybody tell me what does 2+2 equal?

"You'll believe a lie that you know isn't even true.Right now your foolish brain is torn apart between that i'm right and your wrong"!
"Now I'll let that set in your mind well I think of ways to screw with you or tell you a fact you don't believe(Laughs uncontrollably)"

Michael is then escorted by three guards to his cell.Luckily the Guards are new and they stop to buy some chips at the vending Machine where Michael kills the all the guards with a pistol he stole from them. and works is way out until he is confronted with an entire squad of SWAT team.He reloads the pistol and holds a passing secretary at gunpoint.Michael blocks his body with the hostage and orders the SWAT team to allow him to leave freely.The SWAT team shrug their shoulders and open fire killing the hostage and forcing Michael to escape ,but Michael is a smart man like Liam Nesson.He finds the Database a collection of every person living in the McUnion and decides to earase his entire life, because they can't find him if he doesn't exist.

Michael escapes out a back door, but the Bureau just doesn't let anyone escape freely!Michael blends into the crowd of people wearing hoodies with their hands in there pockets leaving the SWAT team dumbfounded. Michael being a clever cat heads down to lower Brooklyn to find the only man the government fears. Julius McRib a former Cashier at Mcdonalds turn resistance leader. -(McRib)"So the big man wants you?" -(Michael)"You don't know the half of it" -"Well let me tell you something"

The Resistance Leader Julius McRib approaches Michael and tells him he can stay with them for a while until he leaves for McLos Angeles as long as he can steal some Big Macs and two Large Fries.Michael agrees.later that night Michael ask Julius on how the Corporations rose to power Julius tells him he his uncle was a American Marine in the before time.Michael ask what is an american? and Julius replies " An American is ruthless ignorant being".Michael states that they are technically still Americans and Julius pats him on the back.Julius tells Michael the story of how it all started In the Year 2021 there where two Powers......Not Corporations called NATO which was a collection of Nations that is now the McDonalds Union and The Russian Federation which is now the Target Federation.For a while things where good until the oil ran out and all hell broke lose.We don't know who dropped the first Nuclear Bomb ,but in an instant the two powers were destroyed like a child's innocence when they discover privacy mode.Then the remaining Corporations rose up to power in hopes of finding new resources.Julius and Michael continue to talk until a resistance soldier yells "MCPOLICE"! Julius tells Michael to run and run and never look back until you think your safe.He runs for at least a mile until he stops at a convenience store in where he finds a map of the McDonalds Union on the floor with several Mushroom clouds over certain cities he keeps it and writes Walmart Plans Operation: Happy ending just for kicks.The next day he goes and eats in a local McDonalds.He sits down and enjoys his meal until the McPolice enter the building and began to check everybody.Michael fearing for his life hides the paper in coat pocket of a Asian man sitting right next to him.The McPolice check the asian man sitting next to him and find the paper that Michael drew and they arrest the man making him feel guilty.Michael alone in a world that hates you walks down to the ruins of New Jersey still untouched by the McDonalds Union even after The War. He walks down a beach with McNew York in the distance. the Ruins of old New Jersey still brandish the ancient world before 2021. Michael grabs a stripped-sheet lying on the ground. Michael doesn't believe it its a real american flag one that doesn't have McDonalds Logo where the stars where.Michael well sifting through a pile of randomly convenient objects finds a fashion magazine as he looks at the people he notices a trend all the people of high social class are thin and look healthy. Michael ponders at this as for his time beauty and riches are for the fat and obese and the poor/middle classes are left with there average hungry selfs , basically saying Honey Boo- Boo would be hotter than Megan Fox in 2084 standards their world must be depressing.Michael as he sifts through the pile spots a little peculiar cockroach.At first he doesn't seem to care for it and even befriends it and starts talks to it "Looking at these ruins I can't even believe how different things are.No reports of people getting randomly killed and thin people where sexy.I know what I going to do I am going to Kill everyone of those obese bastards in Oak Brooke with there own weapons and when I am down I am going to start a resistance to kill everyone of those McAgents.Yeah that's what I am going to do.You feel me?" Michael realizes that the cockroach wasn't just any normal roach it was a surveillance roach.Michael horrified stops on the little bugger and runs away.He is now a dead man walking with a gun pointed at his head.


The Resistance.

Michael manages to evade all the McPolice and goes to a bullet trainstation heading towards McDetroit. Well waiting for the bullet train to arrive Michael sits next to a suspicious old man.Michael awkwardly ask the man if he has seen his dog "Kenny" as some sorta conversation starter the old man tells him to Fuck off and go eat a bag of Dicks.Michael then pulls out a gun he got from the Resistance base and shoots the old man in the face discovering the old man is a McAgent who well in his last seconds alerts the McBureau of Love. Fortunately the train arrives and he boards it.The MCBureau lock the train and two McAgents enter the train both are incompetent and arrest a man who they think is Michael and send him to room 102.He blows a sigh of relief as he blends into the crowd and falls asleep.The 5 hours later he arrives in McDetroit with his face all over the giant T.Vs in the bullet train station he activates his disguise using an Eighteenth-century Moustache and top hat he stole from the resistance base.He walks past a McPolice Checkpoint where they are operating a McScanning machine looking for spies and saboteurs as he approaches the machine a couple is gunned down right in front of his eyes for McThoughtCrimes while people are horrified they do nothing. Michael realizes this is suicide as the machine will be looking for fugitives and walks away until a female McPolice officer calls his name.Michael pretends he doesn't hear and keeps walking.The Officer catches up to the Micheal and sends him through the McScanning Machine.The Machine tells the officers that Michael is a Rich Manager from McLondon and the officers let him procede.The officers let him pass until the female officer ask Micheal if they can speak privately Michael begs the officer not to arrest him an send him to Room 102.The Officer reveals herself as Svtlana Ivanovich a spy from the Target Federation and she has been watching Michael since he boarded the train.Svtlana asks Michael if he can take her to the McDonald's McSupreme McHeadquarters in Oak Brooke,McIllinois .Michael agrees and the two then go stay in a run down Hotel in the unemployed section of town.Michael and Svtlana settle down and he asks her if she knows about the before time she responds by saying The Target Federation is parodying Fahrenheit 451 ,Micheal responds "Only bits and pieces of information then". Svtlana tells Micheal that her grandfather told her that after The War the Russian Federation was destroyed and the American capitalist Company Target spread throughout Eastern Europe promising food,housing, and all the Vodka they can drink Michael laughs.The two lay in bed watching McTV shows that are 90% Mcdonalds's Ads

edit Part 2:Renegade

Svtlana and Michael are suddenly awakened by gunfire coming from the street.They peer out the window only to find out that the McArmy are gunning down all the unemployed citizens they see.The two hear gunfire and screams coming from the lower lobby downstairs.They quickly gather their belongings and leave out the hotel just before it blown up by a McAttack helicopter.They evade all the McSoldiers and hide in an abandoned Hummer ,because those things are so big you can hide an entire army in there.Next they exit the hummer after the McArmy passes and head into a dark alley where they encounter a group of refugees who are evading the McSoldiers.One of the refugees greets the two and is named Mutunga Zimbabvi , he states that he is a saboteur from the KFC Democratic States and means the two no harm as long as they can keep it a secret.His mission was to bomb selected McDonalds food farms on the Eastern seaborder of what used to be the United States of America his mission went haywire when he was discovered by the McFederales and he was sent to the McConcetration Camp in upstate McNew York where he escaped using a paper clip and a Spider-Man Movie.Michael ask Mutunga if he knows about the before time Mutunga replies by saying that KFC is busting a Brave New World they both nod there heads in disgrace. Mutunga says he knows somethings from the before time on saturday morning cartoons After the Two powers where destroyed the fallout grasped the world in darkness millions of people and animals where dying because all the plants where dying and governments in Africa dissolved then KFC came and gave the entire world its heavenly chicken and gravy and the world is free from the horrors of the before time such as MTV,Religion,and Lady Gaga.Michael grabs a McPod and places a green seashell in his ears. The next Morning One of the refugees reveals there position because of a wet dream as a group of McPolice are patrolling for any stragglers.The Refugees arm up with assault rifle and carbines to combat the McPolice.Michael, Svtlana,and Mutunga each grab an Assault Rifle and fires upon the McPolice. The McPolice are all killed and the refugees flee to a McMarket where they hide out for a while.


The wounded refugee sacrifice's his live to the McSentinel so his buddy can live.

The refugees stroll around the market for a while until one of the younger refugees spot a McSentinel a grotesque spider-like machine who's only purpose is to kill anybody against the law.The refugees scatter and blend into the crowd.The machine spots a refugee and pins him onto the floor where a proboscis injects a tranquilizer-like a refugee angrily fires his Assault rifle at the machine.The man is skewered by one of its legs. Svtlana and Michael hide in a empty kiosk until a shopper intentionally gives away there position.The machines crawls to their location where a McPolice Officer through a speaker in the machines head tells Michael the fugitive to stand down and the refugees would be spared death or room 102.Michael reluctantly agrees and kisses Svtlana while the Officer laughs and tells them to get a room.The McSentinal's proboscis is about to inject Michael with the sedative until Mutunga fires a EMP rifle at the machine effectively taking it out.The remaining refugees head to a Government safezone in the outskirts of McDetroit where refugees are safe and welcomed to stay and go as they please.In the McSafezone refugees are forced to work at a factory making Mcdonalds kid's meal toys since China is no longer in there grasp.Svtlana,Michael,Mutunga and the remaining refugees stay for a few days until two of their refugee friends go missing.The Refugee group leaves the McSafezone for a bullet train headed all the way McChicago.A few hours later they arrive at McChicago where the refugees thank each other for making this far. Mutunga thanks the two for bringing him safely here and departs from the group.In McChicago most of the city safe from McAgents making it safe for refugees. Svtlana and Michael rent a Hotel room that isn't rundown.They sit down and watch T.V tuning in on the local news which is running a story on how McSoldiers ambushed wal-Mart soldiers in McAustralia.They turn off the T.V and read some of the books in room such as McRomeo and Juliet, Mc1984,and McCat in the Hat.Michael well searching for a good book notices a suspicious title-less book.He opens it and finds that has a speaker in it.Revealing that the Corporation is tuning in onto everybody conversations.

edit Part 3:Absolution

Reports from McEurope state that Target has launched an invasion while Wal-Mart has bombed McHonolulu in McHawaii starting the yet another battle of the Perpetual war.Svtlana tells Michael they should leave the city because the Target Ruskies are going to bomb Oak Brook City and McChicago is in in there sights as well.Svtlana tells Michael they can leave the city using a Rent-A-Jet becuase she knows how to fly one and they are cheap.The Two wait for there Jet to arrive until a Japanese guy who looks like Grant from Mythbusters walks up to them and tells them to leave the Rent-A-Jet store in less the five minutes.The two flee only juts seconds before a explosion blows up the place killing everybody.The Grant-looking guy doesn't reveal his name and tells them that he has been following them since McDetroit and they have been selected as sleeper agents for the Wal-Mart Socialist Awesome Republic Good Job.The Grant-looking guy brings him into his van where they are going to video-chat with the commander of Operation:Happy ending.General MIyagi greets the two and awards them with surviving the bombing of the McDonalds union.Michael and Svtlana agree.Michael ask the General if they can at least spare McLos Angles from the bombing.Gen.Miyagi and his commanders talk and they agree to let McLos Angles to be spared as long as they can send a ground force to liberate the McAmerican people and Michael agrees. Mutunga is later reunited with the two as "Grant's" guards bring him. Mutunga is happy to see they both survived the " purge " in McChicago that killed 15,000 people.As for the McDonalds Union its getting attacked on all fronts.


Yeah that's him.

The Japanese guy opens up a news fed stating that the KFC democratic States has already mobilized a million soldiers who have reclaimed most of McNigeria and the McDonalds union has lost all McGermany and McFrance to the Target Federation. The Grant-looking guy drives the van all the way to the outskirts of town where they meet a group of Resistance members who have captured a McDonalds CEO from McCleveland and place him in front of a Hover-TV to watch the destruction of the McUnion on Live T.V as Target Heavy Fighter-Bombers fly over head and a large flash from comes from Oak Brooke.The world is ending slowly as the corporations draw there battle lines.

edit Part 4:End Game

As for our heroes they meet up with another resistance group after the bombs dropped.Julius McRib had survived and greets Michael even through he was captured and tortured becuase of Michael's action's.The resistance group and our four heroes celebrate their success where they began there journey towards McLos Angeles probably the last American city left on Earth.

edit Part 5:A World without End

Although the war kinda ended the world the Corporations didn't fall instead it only made matters worst for its people.The Resistance convoy was making a pit stop at a resistance checkpoint near St.McLouis.The resistance members were having a party celebrating the war and how it might eventually weaken the McUnion until a battalion of McPolice arrive.The firefight was long lasting for a good 60 minutes with both sides losing heavily.Michael and Svtlana left the firefight as McReinforcements arrived as for Mutunga he was going to leave when all the refugges where out of there.Michael and Svtlana headed to St.McLouis becuase it was safer then being in the fields around the city.Michael wondered why the city was so different from the rest maybe because it was morning or something.The two find a secret resistance cache led by a famous Resistance member Karl Von Staffenheimer imagine a 1940s german pilot-looking guy.Karl tells the two there are twenty resistance friendly homes in this city each one a former resistance member.Karl gives them directions,supplies,and an EMP grenade and Karl wishes them good luck.The first and closes hideout is 2156 Madison street a suburban area with little activity.Michael knocks on the door and a Man grabs them and pulls them in quickly "You know the McAgents are stricter!" said the man.The man peers out the window with a semi-automatic shotgun in hand " Good nobody knows ,but you guys should of used the backdoor if you wanted a more proper greeting.".The Man reveals himself to be Richard Roycewics and his paranoid and depressed he introduces the two to his wife Susan and his three kids Morgan an average looking kid, Ronald an obese racist, and Ryan a skinny Supremeists each one hates each other very much and constantly fights.Richard shows them a secret annex that is in the basement where he hides all his refugees.The annex is simple one bathroom,two beds, a T.V,and a little refridgerator with a ironic magnet on it and there is a truckload of guns in it too.

edit Part 6:Into the Night

Inside their 8x8 room they unpack their supplies and watch the news to see how the world is.Turns out the war did more damage then they thought.City-Wide revolts,war in McEurope,and the worst part The purging of McDonalds citizens those suspected of being agaisnt the government where arrested and sent to the McPrison for life.It was 3:00 P.M and the purge had begun.Michael and Svtlana stay quiet armed with submachine guns in the corner of the room with their weapons aimed at the only chokepoint that is the door.Upstairs was where the real battle was as three McAgents escorted by the McSWAT entered the building they interrogated everybody.It was all good until they got goddamn Ronald who being fat and technically apart of the upper-majority was promised by the McAgents to live with the rest of his kind in McWashington if he told the truth.His little fatass narked on them he even went as far as opening the door to the annex.Bad idea,Michael and Svtlana opened fire killing two McSWAT members and one McAgent as well as shooting Ronald in his gut.Richard grabbed his shotgun and opened fire buying time for Michael and Svtlana to escape.They run into an old field only to notice there situation was the same for alot of people.They hide out in an ancient house to hide in.3 McHelicopters loaded with troops and McSentinals land and attack all the refugees without a doubt they knew they where dead.the McSoldiers turn there attention to the house.

McBig Brother"This is the McSWAT we have surrounded the placecome out with your hands up"

Michael and Svtlana agree this is the end

'This is the end after all we have done we have brought McBig Brother to his knees!"

Michael then kisses Svtlana for the last time.

McBig Brother'"Hey Jeff I told you they would kiss where's my five McBucks"

Michael and Svtlana surrender and are arrested.

edit Part 7:No Hope,No Future,No Past

They are sent to A McAgent comes into the room the same one that interrogated him before."Hello Mr.Protagnist we have captured everybody who you made contact with some of them where us some of them where our enemies,some of them completely useless ,but that is not what where going to do today you have a meeting with the Board of McDirectors and the Chairmen. Im sorry we couldn't have more fun time together...not like that".Michael is then escorted to the meeting.The room was dark and full of blue monitors showing riots,troops,and conflicts in the streets.everybody that Michael contacted was there in the room.The McAgent sat him down in front of all of them.

Chairman Doyle "Hello Mr.Protagnist my name is Chairman Henry Doyle I am responsible for overseeing all of McDonald's Society we come to tell one thing few people know. You have been secretly chipped at birth along with 600 million other people in our union.We do it to have total surveillance on our citizens.We see every minute of your life every time you brushed your teeth,when you watched pornography,or how you where so popular in high school.Did you really believed you can hide from us forever."

Michael "Then why didn't you guys just captured me back in McNew York"?
Chairman Forge "We just wanted to see how far you would make it(laughs)."

Chairman Prescott "What Chairman Doyle is trying to say is that you can run from us ,but you can't hide from us forever."

Chairman Forge "It was actually a pretty good idea too that we made a T.V program on McTruTV called Fugitive P.O.V its good hit too."

Michael "So all this time I was being watched by my own eyes!"

Chairman Prescott "Yes or No you see Michael we run a fine corporation here we control all of North America,West Europe, and North West Africa but that has changed when you were lose in our cities you and your accomplices are going to pay.There is no hope for you anymore.

Michael and his accomplices are locked away in the prison somewhere in the rockies."How did I end up in a hellhole just because I missed work ONE friggin day!" said Michael in agony.Two soldiers unlock his door and free him revealing themselves as Resistance Members."My name is Lt.Knoxville Karl told us you where here now lets go!"The Soldiers disable his chip with a EMP rifle.They battle there way through the prison releases as many prisoners as possible and meet up with more ex-resistance members killing everybody in front of them until they capture the vehicle depot ,Que intense vehicle chase.They steal a AMVEE jeep with a mounted Tri-Barrled gatling gun.They drive angry and survive the onslaught of McTroops even destroyer a McHeavy helicopter.It was all smooth driving until a wave of troops disable their AMVEE. Surrounded they hold off the troops until a the Resistance save them.The group hikes to a mountain far away from the Mcdonald's Civilization and they encounter a large metal vault.The vault opens revealing the remnants of the U.S Government where they are sheltered.There they are safe from McDonald's,obesity,McBig Brother, and the McSentinals.There they can live Free.

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