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So one day your walking by and out of nowhere a hired gunman shoots you in the gut and you die from Aids in the hospital.Then you see a light at the end of a tunnel you go closer and closer until you find out its a speeding train.And so you enter the kingdom of Las Heaven where Pimp God is gambling on what your next life will be.A horse,A CIA agent,or a kid who is abducted by Kony.As the wheel slows down and stops at a kid abducted by Kony.Then you see a bright light and then you see a run down room filled with strange looking monkeys wearing what you think might be white coats?

edit 100-90

  • 100.An animal-
  • 99.A Horse-Because people will always be riding you and fat kids loose there virginity on you.
  • 98.An Italian who isn't part of the Mob or works at Pizza places-The stereotype wouldn't make sense to you.
  • 97.Named Mario and not being a plumber-The joke doesn't make sense with you.
  • 96.A Tree-everybody is always chopping you up,stealing your apples,and lighting you on fire and putting it on Youtube because its cool.
  • 95.Born with two left hands(Human)-Steering wheels and doorknobs would be your worst enemies.
  • 94.A squirrel-Your always running around looking for nuts.
  • 93.An Amish person- Mother what is a Facebook?Is it some kind of disease.
  • 92.Born with two left paws(animal)-well its not all bad until you get the hang of it.
  • 91.A North Korean-Because there supermarkets are always empty and your former leader is as tall as 6th grader with a growing disorder.
  • 90.Bigfoot-Humans are always stalking you.

edit 89-80

  • Being born and dying the next minute
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