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Stupcarp - Your Friendly Neighborhood Bot

Stupcarp is a series of bots written by myself in C.

edit The name and the critter

The name comes from the first program I ever wrote which was a simple mIRCscript bot. One of the commands was !uf gift, which would result in the bot giving someone a type of fish. One of the fish that was produced was a stupcarp, which was absolutely nonsensical, and I never expected it to become something more than that.

A while back when still working with a fansub group, I had a nasty habit of going into the chatroom and randomly spitting out random lines of stupidity. Stupcarps got brought up again at this point and it was explained that stupcarps are animals that live of others' stupidity. As a result they are found throughout any capital city, but an abundance of them live in the Washington, DC area. This area's not the area that houses the most of these little critters - Beijing is overwhelmed with them. Gee, I wonder why?

In short, I guess it took off from there.

edit The actual bots

There are two flavors of stupcarp:

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